My medicine for trying times comes in the form of Form & Flow, 4 videos, recorded to delve deeper into the benefit of healthy choices and boundaries. For me, boundaries have always been about the choices we make each day, what we refuse, and what we allow. What often occurs in times of tribulation is that unhealthy barriers are created, which stop the flow of life, and limit us, when we are wanting to be free.

What I have witnessed over and over again, is that healthy boundaries always create healthy flow. As we release and refuse what no longer serves, what does not align, we create an inner spaciousness for what we deeply desire. And when we are lacking in flow and freedom, it is because we are burdened, our lives filled with what ails us, creates suffering, and a desire to fight.

If you have read my book, The Space Between, you've made a great start to more deeply understanding conscious creation and choice. But I want to take you deeper into these concepts, and include some profound healing, resolution, and practical steps and advice as we go.

This series touches all aspects of life: money, time, home, work, family, friendships, detox/decluttering, physical health and habits, emotional baggage and obligation, roles and identities, setting non-negotiable priorities and understanding your alignment.



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