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My medicine for trying times comes in the form of Form & Flow, 4 live calls, delving deeper into the benefit of aligned choices and healthy boundaries. Our boundaries are formed through the choices we make each day, what we refuse, and what we allow. What often occurs in times of tribulation is that unhealthy barriers are created, stopping the flow of life, and limiting the freedom we desire.

What I have witnessed over and over again, is that healthy boundaries always create healthy flow. As we release and refuse what no longer serves, what does not align, we create an inner spaciousness for what we deeply desire. And when we are lacking in flow and freedom, it is because we are burdened, our lives filled with what ails us, creating conflict and suffering.

If you have read my book, The Space Between, you've made a great start to more deeply understanding conscious creation and choice. But I want to take you deeper into these concepts, and include an opportunity for profound healing, resolution, and practical steps and advice as we go.

This series addresses all aspects of life: money, time, home, work, family, friendships, detox/decluttering, physical health and habits, emotional baggage and obligation, roles and identities, setting non-negotiable priorities and understanding your alignment.

For those who join me, we will be building from the ground up, addressing misalignment of time, space, and energy on all levels.

This program was created in response to nearly 15 years of sessions, hearing the same issues with the same solutions, over and over again. The unconscious mind wants to repeat habits and conditioning, even if we are able to consciously see that this is problematic. What is required is more than a hack, or surface behavioural change. This is a call to delve deeper, to understand they WHY behind the unconscious choices, enabling your enabling desired outcomes.


This offering is for you if you fit any of the following options:

  1. You already work within a role where you heal/lead/teach, and you would like to increase your impact and effectivness (and get out of your own way)
  2. You would like to be a better leader/teacher/guide in all that you do as a human being, without the old paradigm motivating unhealthy reactions and choices.
  3. You know that you are leaking energy, feeling depleted, flat, ineffective, and deeply desire a more focused and aligned way of living and working
  4. You have tried to change your habits before, but realise that simple behavioural change isn't enough, and that it is time to go deeper.


If any of these speak to you, you are so welcome to join us! We will connect live via Zoom each week, with time to go through the content, and space towards the end for you to ask questions about your specific circumstances. This way, we learn and grow together!



  • 4 weekly calls to delve into the content, and to heal your obstacles in real time! You are invited to join us live if possible, and/or watch the recordings at your convenience.
  • Time to delve into the following themes: Building your daily schedule to work for you, Matching Choices with Desired Outcomes, Understanding your alignment and what inspires you from within (instead of outside motivation), Recognising and resolving the triggers that disrupt, and more!
  • Meditation and real time practice of moving into Flow, so that you can do this again and again.
  • *Time for Q&A, to gain specific guidance on what you are facing, and ways to transcend these issues

  • Daily Rituals/Practice best suited to you and your Divine Purpose

  • Optional: You are welcome to add 1:1 session(s) with Jennifer, if there is anything needing addressed outside of the group. Get in touch for options!


Spaces are limited due to the nature of the program.  Please get in touch with any questions, I would love to connect with those who feel called to join us!

Prerequisites: None

Dates for this series are being considered for later this year!  This will be confirmed asap, please get in touch with any questions!

Why work with Jennifer?

I believe that this work is my calling, an act of service, and that my duty is to hold high standards for learning and practice, to set healthy boundaries for development, and to inspire you to recognise your own potential and gifts.  My Divine Gifts include a clear understanding of the subconscious mind, and the capacity to apply what I have learned from my own experiences as an entrepreneur, athlete, and teacher/practitioner. My intention is always to support from a space of Integrity, Sincerity, Respect, Honour, & Dignity.

I have trained and served as a mentor with Jamie Wheal and the Flow Genome Project, which has helped to shape the ways in which I approach Peak Performance & Flow. I have also recently completed a professional certificate with the Alef Trust, on Altered States, Psychedelics, and Transpersonal Psychology. During my year of training, I interviewed various Creatives and Leaders within their fields, learning both practical and spiritual ways of tapping into Flow States, and ways to apply this with daily practice. I have learned from some of the best in the world, and have distilled this information down into grounded practice and applied philosophy, helping to shape us as humans and as more than.

My approach is grounded in humanity, connected with the physical, embracing the mind & intuition, so that we address issues holistically, creating alignment of mind & body.

Learn more about Jennifer

An Introduction to Flow

An hour class on the foundations of flow, including some of the science and study from the experts, ways to consciously create your world, and a meditation to help anchor the feeling of Flow!

Your Place with Us...


This online event with Jennifer will run again later in the year! Please get in touch with any questions, and join us next time!

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