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Transformational Guidance Session: Clarity & Guidance

£95 | £111

for 50 minute session | for 75 minute session

A single healing and guidance session, focusing on an area of your life that is ready for real clarity. Perfect for a time when you need to find your feet again, make a big decision, or make the most of an amazing opportunity.
*In-person sessions are held Monday evenings at the Healthy Life Centre. Distance sessions are held via Zoom.*

One session for either 50 or 75 minutes

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Four Weeks: Empowerment and a Plan of Action

£380 (15% off)


We will create rapid and empowered transformation over the course of 4 weeks! This package includes 4 sessions and email contact throughout. It begins with the return of your questionnaire, which will provide an understanding of where you are at, and where you want to be.  You will be provided with action steps, practical and powerful ways to transform your life.

Four 50-min sessions, suggested resources, email support throughout

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Six Weeks: New Direction & Reinvention

£560 (15% off)


These are the phoenix sessions, leaving the past behind and rebuilding yourself from the ground up! This package is for those of you who are ready for reinvention, and were designed to help anyone feeling lost or stuck in relationships, business, old emotional ties, or lack of purpose. If you feel called to step into your highest potential, this is the choice for you!

Six 50-min sessions, suggested resources, email support throughout

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