£6,500.00 GBP

Modern Apprenticeship

Dedicate a year of your beautiful life to holistic training, healing, and fine-tuning of your innate gifts

Immersion: Regular 1:1 Sessions, and all of the in-person and online events scheduled for the year. There will be opportunities to assist and co-create with Jennifer to learn first hand how to craft containers and events for your offerings

Integration: Build your life around your Dharma, everything from arranging your daily schedule, hedonic calendaring, and creating practices to serve you and your Purpose. You will learn to apply the guidance you give to others, and expand the wisdom you share

Embodiment: Live each day as a Healer, Leader, and walk the path as your Higher Self. Show up as a more complete being, having resolved fears from the past, enabling you to perceive the world from a higher perspective, with more Truth, Courage, and Love

Investment: £6,500

Duration: 1 year


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