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Clearing Call: Resolve your Fear of Setting Boundaries

We are complex beings, containing multitudes of memories, beliefs, emotions, and experiences! While this enables us to draw on vast wisdom and understanding, it also means that we can be working in conflict with the past, trying to overcome old traumas and outdated perspectives, which may be subconsciously directing us in unhealthy ways.

When it comes to setting boundaries, most of us have a complex history of unhealthy examples, inconsistent communication, and unconscious obligation. We believe on some level that saying no is selfish, requires permission, or will be punished. As we follow our subconscious fears, we erode our autonomy, and dismiss intuition, and live a life that is less than what we desire. But resolving these fears, we create spaciousness within our minds, hearts, and bodies, so that we can choose what will empower, instead of degrade.

This call will provide time and space to recognise some of your unconscious habits, and subconscious fears which may be subtly or overtly motivating unhealthy choices and repression. During the call, Jennifer will talk through the most common blocks to choosing healthy boundaries, and use meditative techniques to help change old belief systems and clear emotional baggage, so that you can update and integrate a new way of choosing your relationships and circumstances. There will be time for a short meditation, lots of healing, as well as questions specific to your life and present circumstances.

Online, via Zoom

Dates & Times (UK):
18th April 2023, 7pm

£10 (Free for Members)

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*This event will be recorded for public use via website or other social media channels. Any recording will only show Jennifer speaking. Recording will stop with the final Q&A, so that individual questions/circumstances from that point will not be shared.

You will receive a link to the recording within 24 hours