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Conclusion to Creation

A beginning always starts with an ending…

…and endings can be just as bright and beautiful as your hopes and dreams. What are you ready to witness the ending of, to say goodbye to, in order to allow your new beginning?

“All endings are also beginnings. We just don’t know it at the time.” — Mitch Albom
How many times have you tried to begin a new phase of your life, a new relationship, a new job, but found that part of you was still distracted or holding onto the past?
How many times have you tried to release past relationships, positions, identities, but found that you were afraid to, or that it felt impossible?
Life is a beautiful series of endings and beginnings. When you learn to allow yourself to navigate these cycles, you allow yourself to find joy in the journey, and immerse yourself more fully in the present.

This online experience is ideal for anyone who is at a Choice Point, and Life is offering an amazing opportunity for Change

  • Changing Jobs or Career
  • Ending a Relationship
  • Moving to a New Home or Location
  • Beginning a New Year
  • Fed up with old Habits, Ready for Better
  • Ready for Change, but Unsure of How
  • Overdue for a Life Overhaul
  • Looking for Essence, Voice, MORE!

Here’s What We Have in Store…

Endings, Resolution, Closure:

The first 2 modules are all about delving into the past, identifying the gifts and the lessons, and releasing the ties that are keeping you stuck.  You have an opportunity to identify any regrets, fears, and the obligations that keep you re-creating the same patterns.

Fresh Start, Transition, Change:

Once you have had the opportunity to release yourself from the ties of the past, we start to engage the very best of you, in creating your future.   You will have the opportunity to embody new beliefs, behaviours, intention, and action.
The final 3 modules provide insight on reconnecting you with your higher aspects of Self, of identifying the best of you, and building your life experiences from there.

Each Module Includes:

Written Content

Practical exercises, opportunities for realisation and resolution, and creating new habits and ways of thinking


A 10-minute meditation, recorded specifically for each module. Each meditation will facilitate resolution of the habits, feelings, and ties to the past, as well as new clarity and clear energy for the future!

Group Support

Group support will be provided via a closed Facebook Group, accessible only to those who are participating in the course! Connect with me, and with others for support, guidance, and celebration!

Additional Options for 1:1 Guidance
You can choose to go through the course yourself, or add 1:1 sessions with Jennifer, for additional Transformational Guidance

The Practical Points:

*Your Introduction will be sent to you once you purchase the course, to help you prepare.
Module 1 (including the recorded meditation) will arrive in your inbox the next day, and the following modules will be sent via email every week after.
*Once you join, you will receive an invitation to join our closed group on Facebook, allowing you access to ME (I’m there every day!) and to the rest of the Evolutionaries who are immersed in the process!  Here, you’ll have an opportunity to ask questions, share whatever is coming up for you, and celebrate your victories!  
*Once you purchase this course, you are invited to join us each year at the end of the year to repeat as part of a group! Many have revisited the material over the past few years, gaining new insight, and healing on deeper levels.
Module 1: An Overview of the Past

Finding Awareness in the ‘Every Day’

Reflection and Resurrection of your Highs & Lows

How Miracles Occur for You

Lessons & Learnings

How to leave it where it lies…

Module 2: Daily Habits and Behaviour

Creating Awareness of your Daily Habits and how to make them work FOR you

Boundaries, Obligation & Burden, Knowing the difference between Service and Servitude

Practical Tips to Declutter your Head, Heart, Mind, & Space

Module 3: Find Your Stride

Inspiration to Embody, Becoming the very BEST of You

Embody Your Art, Become Your Passion

Feel what you Want to Feel

Powerful and Fun ways to Rediscover YOU

Module 4: Priorities and MUSTs

Choosing Actions that Align, Creating your Life on Purpose

Find your Soul Priorities and Live Them, Today and Every Day

Understand your Genius and what makes you YOU

Module 5: Learning to Fly

Intention vs Action

Adding Purpose to your ‘Why’ and fully living the Outcomes you Desire

Engaging the Laws of Existence (a little help from the Universe)


You’ll receive Weekly Modules, including recorded meditation in each, and access to a closed Facebook group, for support and celebration!

If any error occurs during purchase please get in contact with me!