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The Space Between: 3 Copies

Creating Conscious Boundaries for Deep Connection and Authentic Alignment

1. Understand Choice

How do your beliefs and choices shape your world? Connect the dots between cause and effect, deepening your understanding of Self

2. Choose your Boundaries

Learn to say No and Yes, in alignment with your deepest desires. Without fear, guilt, or obligation. With Love & Compassion

3. Live with Freedom

Understand how setting boundaries sets you free, able to truly live your Purpose and Calling, and Serve the world in the way you were born to

Are you ready to remember your calling and align with your highest potential?

Deep down, each of us can feel the space between. For you, the space could be the disconnection between who you believe you are, and who you want to be. The space could be loneliness, a lack of meaningful relationships, with others or with yourself. Or you may recognise that your life is out of alignment, tipping, unbalanced, pulling you away from all that you truly desire.

Within these pages, you are provided a unique opportunity to see your journey back to yourself, from a higher perspective. You will begin to understand your motivations and become aware of the patterns that no longer serve you. You will learn how to make choices that truly reflect your values, and apply boundaries to prioritise all that supports a life of health, happiness, and fulfilment. And finally, you will witness the ways in which application allows you to step into your calling, to live your purpose, and to serve the world in the way that aligns with every aspect of your being.

Filled with stories, proven techniques, and grounded wisdom, The Space Between guides you through your own transformation, witnessing changes in your outlook and circumstance as confusion and fear are resolved.

Jennifer Main is a writer and a transformational guide. Her background in Psychology, and her experience working with beautifully complex beings from all walks of life, have facilitated her role as a leading instructor of health and wellbeing in the United Kingdom, as well as an international speaker and instructor.

My inspiration for writing:

Throughout my 20+ years of work and study in the area of Psychology, I have noticed that most people struggle to choose healthy boundaries in personal and professional relationships.

This is why I wrote The Space Between, for open and caring individuals who are tired of being tired, but feel selfish or guilty in saying no, or choosing themselves. Unlike other books that only touch the surface of the problem, addressing the symptoms, I help get to the root of the issue, addressing the emotional barriers to healthy choices.

So if you feel called to choose the life and relationships you deeply desire, please dive in!

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***** 5 stars, Enhance Your Life With This Great Book! Fantastic read! It brings clarity, addresses boundaries, and has great meaning. Loved the metaphor about the fabric of life and all it’s colours. Very inspiring.

Michelle, via Amazon

*****5 stars, Ideal for anyone like me who could do to stop for a minute! A lovely, helpful, well-written book! Ideal for anyone like me who could do to stop for a minute and get back on track. I really look forward to reading more from this author!

Megan, via Amazon

***** 5 stars, Perfect book at the perfect time. This book has given me the clarity and focus that I need for going into 2017. I felt seven or eight major shifts happening as I read this book and I know that my unconscious mind has been inspired. It took me a long time to read as I felt the need to read and process every line. I’m planning to read it again much quicker in a few weeks as there is so much in there that I would like to revisit once I’ve made some changes in my life and my business. I loved being reminded that what happens in our life is a result of choices we make. Before I read this book I felt happy with my boundaries in relationships. But this book has given me a much deeper understanding of boundaries in other contexts such as behaviour and beliefs. I’d recommend this book to anyone who is open-minded to letting more love and connection into their life.

Saffron, via Amazon

*****5 stars Great book, readable, relevant and I recommend!

Aileen, via Amazon