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Free Introduction to the Nervous System & Our Senses: from Physical to Metaphysical

Join Jennifer for a free introductory call focusing on the Nervous System and our Senses. This call is being offered to help you understand more about your own physical body, the way you receive information from the world around you, and how that extends into your energetic field.

Our Nervous System is what allows us to receive energy and information, to interpret and act upon. When it is overwhelmed, we try to dampen it down, or hide away, to dull the overstimulation or pain.

We know that nothing happens by chance, and that whatever repeats has an important message for us. Problems and difficulties are created when we fail to understand what is playing out both consciously and unconsciously,and issues within this system are triggered and amplified when we fail to understand how the system works, and how we can use it for our own conscious awareness.

Our confusion around incoming information or feeling overwhelmed by it, can cause us to hesitate or diminish the gifts that we have to offer the world. We will spend time talking through the common issues for us as human beings, and particularly for those who may identify or resonate as Highly Sensitive.

This is your opportunity to gain clarity on what makes you want to shut down, and how you can perceive and respond in new ways, to make your life easier. Arrive with an open heart and mind, and a willingness to evolve, so that you can move ahead with more grace, joy, and ability to create the world that you desire to live in. This free online event will provide time and space to explore these themes to create more conscious awareness of what has hindered, and what will serve. There will be some time at the end of the call to ask specific questions and gain clarity for your path ahead!


Venue: Online, via Zoom

Dates & Times (UK): 4th January 2024 @ 7-8:30pm

Investment: Free!


If any error occurs during purchase please get in contact with me!

*This event will be recorded for public use via website or other social media channels. Any recording will only show Jennifer speaking. Recording will stop with the final Q&A, so that individual questions/circumstances from that point will not be shared. (Jennifer will spend a few minutes during the call to talk through details of her ReMembering Collective Membership, as it pertains to the content of the free call)

You will receive a link to the recording within 24 hours