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Libra Lunar Eclipse, 24 March 2024

Complete your Karmic Cycles and Heal your Relationships with the approaching Libra Lunar Eclipse!

We will connect for meditation, healing, and clarity for the next 6 months. This is a time for you to resolve the karmic patterns within your most important relationships, to gain insight on what really matters, and move forward with more honour and higher love.

Following the cycles of the cosmos and seasons is a powerful way to focus, to heal, to reconnect with clarity. I invite you to join me to surrender your fears, your pain, and your limitations. And to welcome in new opportunity, possibility, and conscious creation.


This is your opportunity to:

  • gain insight and clarity around the dynamics within your most important relationships,
  • better understand and resolve karmic cycles of suffering and unconscious choice
  • course correct, so that your next steps are in the direction you consciously choose to go
  • set down new habits and practices for the next 6 months, by focusing on the current transits and what will be unfolding for the collective in the nearer future.


Ways to prepare for the event (all optional, feel into what resonates, or add your own!):

  • Meditate on what you want to get from the event. Are you asking for answers, clarity, guidance for the next step? Are you open to healing, resolution, closure, an ending of cycles? What could be the best outcome for you?
  • Write a list of questions you would like to have answered, or areas you would like to explore. Journal. write, ask yourself what you are ready to receive or understand.
  • Build an altar or prepare a space for the call. Some like to have pen and paper, others like to pull cards, light a candle, or meditate with a guide. Do what calls you!

You are welcome to send a question to Jennifer before the event. She will cover whatever aligns with the content, or add those questions into a future event that better applies.

The event will be held live via Zoom for around 1.5 hours, allowing you to integrate any guidance I transmit. The recording will be emailed out soon after we finish, but also held within the closed membership section for those of you who are a part of the ReMembering Collective


Venue: Online, via Zoom

Date: 24th March 2024, from 7-8:30pm GMT

Investment: £15 (or included within ReMembering Collective)


If any issues occur during purchase please get in contact with me!

What People Are Saying:

I'm in awe and feel blessed by tonight's session. So much I could say, what you gave us and spoke reflected many things that have come up for me very recently - even down to words, phrases and ideas that i've received in last few days. This is a perfect time for the new

So great to watch on catch up yesterday and loved the meditation. Thanks as always for your time, expertise and passion during all of your calls