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Navigating Polarities for Re-Union (Turning Wounds into Wisdom, 1 of 6)

Wounding, on individual, family, and collective levels, has shaped identity and stories over millennia. When we understand the patterns, and how the wounds have both helped and hindered, we begin to transcend the pain and move towards enlightenment.

So many aspects of life operate within spectrums, which can pull us to extremes, or take us outside of ourselves, searching to find our way back to heart and home. Any part of life that pulls too far into an extreme aspect shows us where we have followed fear, and forgotten what it feels like to be aligned and centered. When we look to the heavens, the stories of our planets, astroids, and other celestial bodies show us the dance of personality and purpose, and where our faults divide us from who we really are.

During our time together, we will explore the stories of Chiron & Chariklo, the Warrior & the Weaver, using ancient story to illuminate where we have forgotten the course, or tried to alter the path, in ways that diminish us. This is the time to remember your original blueprint, and where you started as you entered this plane and paradigm.

Included in the event:

  • An introduction to the collective archetypal stories held within humanity, and within ourselves.
  • Exploration of Polarities, and how opposites can pull us apart, or we can learn to find the union, the meeting point of the two.
  • Healing of the internal conflict found when we lose our center, resolution of the karma that motivates our own self-desertion.
  • Uniting and marriage of the Feminine & Masculine dynamics within, so that your gifts can support you, without having to reject one 'side' or the other.

The invitation within the event is to recognise and set aside the ancient battles that you have unconsciously chosen to fight, so that you can truly see your own path, and walk as the Awakened do!


Ways to prepare for the event (all optional, feel into what resonates, or add your own!):

  • Meditate on what you want to get from the event. Are you asking for answers, clarity, guidance for the next step? Are you open to healing, resolution, closure, an ending of cycles? What could be the best outcome for you?
  • Write a list of questions you would like to have answered, or areas you would like to explore. Journal, write, ask yourself what you are ready to receive or understand.
  • Spend time meditating on your beliefs around your healing journey, the lessons you have learned along the way, and whether this can be more graceful for you.
  • Spend some time reflecting on what currently or historically feels misaligned within life choices, work, education, relationships, and other choice points in life.
  • Build an altar or prepare a space for the event. Some like to have pen and paper, others like to pull cards, light a candle, or meditate with a guide. Do what calls you!

You are welcome to send a question to Jennifer before the event. She will cover whatever aligns with the evening's content, or may answer those questions in a future event that better resonates.

**The event will be held live via Zoom for around 75 minutes, allowing you to integrate any guidance I transmit. The recording will be emailed out soon after we finish, but also held within the closed membership section for those of you who are a part of the ReMembering Collective

Venue: Online, via Zoom

Date & Times: 26 June 2024 @ 7pm - 8:15pm BST

Investment: £15 (or included within the ReMembering Collective)

Dates for future online events on Turning your Wounds into Wisdom can be found via the Events page to book as and when you choose to join us, or within the ReMembering Collective, if you would like to be a part of the entire journey!

What People Are Saying:

For anyone who is really ready recognise and let go of their ‘stuff’, Jennifer holds a space of trust, understanding and non-judgement as she guides you with tremendous insight, patience and kindness.

What you offer is fabulous and truly life enhancing! Personally, I really enjoy the evening sessions, thank you!

Wow. Okay I've never resonated with a recording more! So many helpful and wonderful things in there thank you so much!