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Find ways to join me (and my amazing tribe) below, both online, and in-person!  We are ready for you!

Join the Seasonal Ritual Membership

Join the tribe for the Summer Season!  We'll begin with the Solstice on 21 June, and connect online through the Equinox in September.

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New Moon  in Cancer

LIVE Online ceremony held via Zoom on Wednesday, 29 June @ 7pm UK

Allow what you FEEL to guide your next steps with the New Moon in Cancer! Cancer introduces us to water, intuition, emotion, and teaches us to surf. This requires us to calm our minds, soften our bodies, and tune into flow. Join Jennifer in June to create through your feelings and intuition, and invite grace into your present and future!

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LIVE: Free Introduction to Flow States & Peak Performance

Join Jennifer on 4 July @ 7pm to learn more about structuring your time and energy to move into states of flow, living a life of higher alignment!

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LIVE: Free Monthly Q&A with Jennifer

Join Jennifer on 4 July @ 8pm to ask questions, and receive guidance and healing for your journey now!  This is structured as an informal Q&A, and I spend the hour answering as many questions as possible!

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Initiate Your Awakening III: Activate your Inherent Gifts

LIVE Online Event: Sunday, 10 July

Step into the Initiation Process and Activate your Inherent Gifts! This is an opportunity to more deeply understand yourself and your Dharma as you navigate this lifetime!

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Full Moon in Capricorn

LIVE Online Ceremony held via Zoom on Wednesday, 13 July @ 7pm UK

Step into Elder Wisdom with the Full Moon in Capricorn! Earthy Capricorn calls us to embody the wisdom of the ancients, with an eye to the future, to build with integrity what will serve generations to come. Join Jennifer in July to enter into sacred centeredness, so that your paradigm can elevate to a more divine state.

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New Moon  in Leo

LIVE Online ceremony held via Zoom on Thursday, 28 July @ 7pm UK

Allow your heart to expand and compassion to guide you with the Leo New Moon! Leo ignites passion, love, and loyalty for the things that we most value. And as we embody the gifts of the Lion and the Sun, we shine brighter, and naturally engage our greatest strengths, for the benefit of those around us. Join Jennifer in July to reconnect with heart and soul, and apply these in all that you choose!

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Full Moon in Aquarius

LIVE Online Ceremony held via Zoom on Thursday, 11 August @ 7pm UK

Expand your mind and imagination with the Full Moon in Aquarius! Aquarius invites us to see the world through new eyes, releasing what is known, so that we can create something new. There is an opportunity to reinvent ourselves. Join Jennifer in August to release yourself from what has been, in order to become what you are destined to be!

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New Moon  in Virgo

LIVE Online ceremony held via Zoom on Saturday, 27 August @ 7pm UK

Understand how your choices create your boundaries with the Virgo New Moon! Virgo encourages us to re-evaluate the choices that are no longer working for us, so that we can evolve. And as we evolve our, boundaries become healthier, and we are more able to be of service to the world. Join Jennifer in August and understand what it feels like to invite Heaven to Earth!

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Crystal Remote Viewing Course: Witnessing Past & Future Lives

Join Jennifer in Glasgow this Autumn for 2 days, to connect with past and future lives, resolve old karma, and learn to work with crystals in a new way!

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Full Moon in Pisces

LIVE Online Ceremony held via Zoom on Friday, 9 September @ 7pm UK

Awaken your intuition and harness the power of your imagination with the Pisces Full Moon! Pisces welcomes us into the depths, into feeling and engaging our intuitive senses to guide ourselves within. We learn to listen to our own inner voice, and trust the wisdom within. Join Jennifer in September and remember what it feels like to navigate your inner world with grace!

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LIVE: Equinox Ceremony

Welcome Autumn with an Online Ceremony, held via Zoom on Friday, 23 September @ 7pm UK

We will connect for meditation, healing, and to gain clarity for the season ahead. This is a time for you to correct your course, to gain insight on what really matters, and choose what will create the most impact as we move into the new season.

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Initiate your Awakening: A 2-day Immersion with Jennifer

Join Jennifer in Edinburgh in October/November for a life-transforming opportunity to embody your Divine Wisdom and truly live in alignment with your Dharma!  Your life will never be the same!

Dates & Details Coming Soon!

The Journey of Initiation: Ancient Wisdom, Science, & Spirituality

Join Jennifer in a year-long container, taking you through various iterations of the Initiatory Process, and bearing witness from a higher perspective with deeper healing and resolution.  We begin late in the year and transgress the stories of your life to access Divine Dharma and Soul Purpose.

Details of events to follow soon!

Evolution Awaits

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