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Launch of Seasonal Ritual Membership

Membership will open for purchase on 1 December & events begin on the 21st!

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New Moon SOLAR ECLIPSE in Sagittarius

Online ceremony held via Zoom on Friday, 3 December @ 7pm UK

Enter into the darkness of the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius, and redefine your path and upgrade your plans and goals. Sagittarius energy invites us to journey to the edges of understanding, to deepen knowledge and wisdom. Embrace the opportunity to course correct, and to raise the intention of your journey to a higher perspective and paradigm.

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Monthly Meditation: Edinburgh

Friday, 10 December from 6:30-8pm @ Beetroot Sauvage Wellness Centre

We spend time in heart-centered discussion, addressing common misunderstandings and barriers to clarity. You will be guided deep into your subconscious for soulful resolution, to know what it feels like to come back home to yourself

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Full Moon in Gemini

Online Ceremony held via Zoom on Saturday, 18 December @ 7pm UK

Enter into the light of the Gemini Full Moon, and illuminate your mind, your thoughts, and invite true intuition in all you choose. Gemini energy invites us to gain clarity of thought and communication, and to commune with the Divine, to guide our lives. Embrace the opportunity to brighten and freshen your perspectives to begin a new year with more grace.

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Start of Seasonal Ritual Membership

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Solstice Ceremony

an Online Ceremony, held via Zoom on 21 December @ 3-4:30pm UK

We will connect at the exact time of the Solstice, meditating, healing, and gaining clarity for the season ahead. This is a time for you to correct your course, to gain clarity on what really matters, and choose what will create the most impact as we move into the new year.

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New Moon  in Capricorn

Online ceremony held via Zoom on Sunday, 2 January @ 7pm UK

Begin the new year with a New Moon! Capricorn energy helps us to discern the best path possible and to build momentum for the month ahead. The Sea Goat embodies the wisdom of the ancients, the determination to build with integrity, and the ability to follow flow and intuition as you make the climb to higher perspective and potential. Tap into Mastery to create your 2022!

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Full Moon in Cancer

Online Ceremony held via Zoom on Sunday, 16 January @ 7pm UK

Allow the light of the Cancer Full moon to lighten your emotional state, and deepen your emotional intelligence! Cancer energy invites us to FEEL, to welcome new experiences and emotions, and to remain open to possibilities. Change the way you perceive the world around you as you heal the past within.

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New Moon  in Aquarius

Online ceremony held via Zoom on Tuesday, 1 February @ 7pm UK

Aquarius energy helps us to expand beyond the known, into creativity and higher ways of perceiving! We are encouraged to move out of 'I' and into the collective 'We', with a focus on humanity and the greater good. Through this, we are better able to transcend what causes us to contract and hesitate, and step into courage and a true sense of hope. Join Jennifer during the new moon to gain insight on your greater purpose, and ways to impact the collective with compassion and integrity!

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Full Moon in Leo

Online Ceremony held via Zoom on Wednesday, 16 February @ 7pm UK

Allow the light of the Leo Full Moon to lead you deeper into Heart and Soul. Leo energy invites courage into all that we choose, enabling us to face our oldest pain, our deepest fears, and heal them with dignity and grace. Allow the fire of Leo to burn away all that motivates you to choose from trauma, to remain in your comfort zone, and honour the King or Queen that emerges!

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New Moon  in Pisces

Online ceremony held via Zoom on Wednesday, 2 March @ 7pm UK

Enter into the depths of watery Pisces, and deepen your understanding of your hopes and dreams! Pisces energy is mutable, changeable, allowing us to shift and evolve as needed. This Pisces New Moon invites us to examine what we are creating, and question whether it aligns with what we truly desire. Join Jennifer in March to update your dreams and create a new paradigm!

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Full Moon in Virgo

Online Ceremony held via Zoom on Thursday, 17 March @ 7pm UK

Allow the light of the Virgo Full Moon to highlight any needed shift in values, allowing you to adjust with grace and ease! Virgo represents the High Priestess, the bridge between Heaven and Earth, and she serves both by creating conscious boundaries and rituals that invite heaven into the earthly realm. Join Jennifer for the Full Moon in March and alter your daily world, enabling creation of a higher paradigm.

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Equinox Ceremony

Welcome Spring with an Online Ceremony, held via Zoom on Sunday, 20 March @ 3-4:30pm UK

Join Jennifer in ceremony at the exact time of the Equinox, to embrace harmony and alignment!
At the Equinox, day and night are of equal length, it is a time for awakening and rebirth, an opportunity to rise up, into your highest self. In the Northern Hemisphere, we are beginning a new astrological year, initiated with fire, passion, and creative energy!  Join Jennifer to begin the season with clarity and support in creating your highest potential

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