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Embodied Existence: Full Investment

Understand the Inspiration

Learn to bring the Ecstatic into the Every Day, without the pitfalls and purgatory of the potential ups & downs.

This Initiatory program has been built as a container for evolution. And not one that you leave and never look back towards, but as one that arms you with proven, incredible tools (that actually work), and a foundation of wisdom, resources, and steps to follow that will help you to weather the weather, sunshine to hurricane.

Life will always offer us what will aid in our growth. And sometimes we choose the hard way, the most extreme, the quickest way to 'wake up'. These are the moments that often feel like tests or punishment, which can sometimes create as much karma as they resolve.

Our goal, together, is to navigate within the offerings of the Universe, and discern the more exciting, joyful, ecstatic options at hand, allowing you to actively choose the path of least resistance and most benefit. Your healing can be graceful, your lessons beautiful, your consciousness expanded through what you do every day, and beyond.

What you Gain from this Immersion...

*Seven expansive sessions/ceremonies with me: We will follow tried and tested processes, but with enough room to adjust, depending on what you are choosing within that 6 month time period. If you are planning a silent retreat, a psychedelic experience, a transcendent music festival, we will schedule your sessions around events like these, to ensure that you are wholly prepared beforehand, and able to bring the goodness (and greatness) back down to earth after. Our private sessions and ceremonies will be held each month for 90 minutes, usually booked on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

*Hedonic Engineering/Tailored Ritual Planning: We will address your rituals, or lack of them, to get your mind and body into a state of flow. Once these are in place, you will begin to invite in more ease, more clarity, more grace. We'll schedule your life according to the seasons, astrological transits, the body's natural rhythms, in ways that work with you. The more you live within the natural patterns and rituals of the energetic world, the easier it becomes to reach peak states, and live in flow.

*Tools that work: I will introduce to you tried and tested tools to expand your consciousness, with your feet on the ground. Together, we will create a path and plan to build your courage, confidence, and natural abilities. You'll have new ways to move your body, move your energy, move your mind! We will create daily practices for you to form a rhythm within your life, learning to 'hack' into flow states and live from a higher perspective and paradigm.

*Healing on Every Level: Our sessions and ceremonies will include resolution of karmic ties, out-dated belief systems, limitations of the mind and body. Together, we will heal the causes of suffering within, from this lifetime and every other.

*Seasonal Online Events: I hold these every month, to end one season and welcome another, to shift with the eclipses, and adjust course at mid-season. You are invited to join us live, or watch the recording in the following days. Attending these will help you to align with the rhythm of the cosmos and seasons, and understand the cycles that affect you most.

*Deeper Understanding of your Birth Chart: During our first session, I will talk you through the major points of your birth chart, addressing aspects of your personality, archetypes, and purpose. Understanding this information helps to inform your understanding of yourself, which deepens your experiences of a divine being in a human world. We will refer back to your chart throughout the container, to assess current transits, and what is 'in the stars' for you in the future.

*A Deeper Connection with your Guides and Ancestors: You may already be aware of some of your angels and guides, but what if you are ready for a new team? During our first ceremony, we will call in and meet the guides who have the wisdom and skill to best assist you now and in the future.

*Bespoke Initiation Ceremony: Our first ceremony will include time to be initiated to the mysteries of the world, increasing your psychic senses and your intuitive mind. You will be invited to commune with the laws of existence, your spirit, your Soul, and your Future. The ceremony will be tailored to you, and all that is ready to be birthed into your life. We will include beautiful music, poetry, breath work, healing, and meditation to alter your state and your vibration.

*A copy of my book, The Space Between: An opportunity to learn more about conscious boundaries and choices, to connect with in your own time

*Access to a private group on Facebook: A space to ask questions and connect with other like-minded beings, Soul family support

*Regular check-ins and accountability with Jennifer: connect with Jennifer via email throughout the 6 months, for clarity and encouragement

*Curated Resources, just for you: Jennifer will create a list of books, resources, and connections based on your needs and desires

*Optional Rapeh Ceremony: A ceremony initiating you to the healing powers of sacred tobacco Rapeh (if in-person is possible, and if this aligns with the tailored program)

Investment: £1,725

Duration: Over a 6-month period

I will email you after purchase to arrange the ceremony details.


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