Could you choose Service, instead of Debt?

Changing Debt to Service...

Karma, cause and effect, often evokes doubt and fear for many of us. We view Karma as punishment, torture, as limitation that binds us through lifetimes and incarnations. We assume that we are guilty, worthy of pain and suffering, and our energies, as a result, are dedicated towards proving that we have repented for sins of the past. We maintain relationships that create disharmony, we deny abundance in order to show that we reject any joy, showing the world that we are willing to pay for our crimes of the past. We chastise ourselves through our choices, because who are we to feel that we ‘deserve’ more…

We view God as judge, our fears make up our juries, and our suffering is the sentence. We believe that the world is a hard, cruel place, a hell of our own creation, where our incarnations serve as a living hell, ensuring that we learn to be better, to do better, so that we can avoid the suffering in the future. On energetic levels, we create a locking of karma, a sentence with often seemingly unlimited timeframes. We sentence ourselves to a lifetime of punishment. We deny our sexuality, our abundance, freedom, and glory as we commit ourselves to payment, often for what we did not do ourselves.

Many of us look to our ancestors, the atrocities that have been committed in the past, and look to set the balance right. It was not enough for them to suffer, we must carry on with it, to right the wrongs, or prove that we regret the actions chosen decades and centuries ago. The debts and transgressions set a ceiling that we do not to rise above, and we continue to suffer.

How many life sentences are you living right now? How many ancestral crimes are you paying for, body and spirit? How much of your energy goes towards punishing yourself, suffering for the sins of the past?

We have an opportunity to release ourselves from this incarceration of spirit. If we can understand the past, and learn from its mistakes, we free ourselves from the oppression and limitation it has built.

 What if those debts have already been paid, though our own inner work? What if the punishment could transform to enlightenment, or to teaching us to live with integrity, with grace? Instead of choosing limitation, what if we could be liberated through Service?


We all choose to be here to live, to learn, to grow and transform. We are here to serve the world. But true service is never motivated by pain or regret. True Service is an act of compassion, love, beauty, and grace. True acts of Service liberate, free us from the past, so that we create a future without suffering, without abuse, without pain. And through truly living your calling, to be of Service, the world and humanity heals, evolves, becomes the best that it can be.

The suffering that you perpetuate amplifies suffering in the world. The limitations you choose to live within contribute to the limitation of others. As you choose relationships that degrade, humanity is degraded. As you speak words to harm, the world is harmed. As you act out of alignment, those around you respond, without integrity, without honour.

Your liberation, your freedom, your joy liberates others. It changes karma instantly. It unlocks the cages we inhabit, the patterns that harm, the healing that we all seek.


Points to Ponder:

Which relationships have been created from trauma? And how would you choose to connect with and resonate with others in a higher way?

Which choices perpetuate the limitation? What are you choosing every day that creates more suffering?

How much love is in each important relationship in your life? Could you choose interactions that allow that love to amplify and grow?


Your healing and happiness serves the world. What can you choose today that would truly be of Service?



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