Here I am.


Who I am...

I have always understood that life is more that what the physical body can tangibly perceive. And that as we expand our senses and perception beyond the known, we become more of who we REALLY are.

I know that happiness, health, and wellbeing grows in direct correlation with our capacity to feel and understand. And I am willing to go all in with you, into the depths of who you are, and what you truly desire.

Professionally speaking, I have learned through extremes. I have worked with beautiful beings at the worst points in their lives, coping with addiction, homelessness, incarceration, and have witnessed how the alchemy of hope, imagination, and freedom can inspire change.
I also have the great privilege of teaching incredible healers, entrepreneurs, and creative beings how to share their gifts with the world, helping them to tap into their natural creative states and live their gifts every day.

I combine my knowledge and understanding of consciousness, healing, flow states, ecstasis, ritual & ceremony, plant & natural medicines, the subconscious mind, addiction, psychology, and philosophy, to create transformative and transcendent experiences for individuals and groups.

I am an Initiator, a writer, a channel, teacher, a modern day oracle, a dream catcher, a guide. I bring ancient wisdom into the present moment, with an eye to the future.  I create spaciousness and provide guidance to explore YOU and all that encompasses. By delving in, we find the inspiration and answers, and create a map for your miraculous life.

Everything that I offer Initiates Conscious Creation, Liberation & Flow, facilitating the experiences and healing necessary, to truly understand the power of YOU.


My mission in this lifetime is to initiate deep and meaningful transformation, guiding others through the process of self-liberation, and the capacity to do this with clarity and compassion.

My guiding words: Vision, Wisdom, & Wonder. These virtues are the heart and foundation of all that I do, and I work to help others embody these strengths at the core of themselves as well.

When we become Visionaries, we see the truth for what it is, and create in accordance with the infinite possibilities beyond the known.

Wisdom, built on experience, but without its limiting judgements, helps us to create foundations with integrity.

And Wonder prevents us from repeating the failures of the past, by being open to the unknown and the opportunities beyond our conscious perception.

I invite you to join me in living these virtues, in your daily life!

What could change in your life today if you chose to embody Vision, Wisdom, & Wonder?

Everything I do invites Heaven to Earth

 ...because WE are the bridges to the Divine.

Can you feel it?

Together, let's bring ancient wisdom into the future, bridging that greatness within the present moment, and embodying the best that existence has to offer

What I do...

Whether I am working with large organisations, inspired entrepreneurs, or purpose-seeking individuals, we are always exploring the why behind the hopes, goals, and dreams, the inspiration behind the best that we do and are.

My clients, students, and initiates are game-changers and catalysts for evolution, in art, business, and industry, the grandest of dreamers with their feet on the ground! They are often at the top of their field, engaging heart and soul in all they do, inspired by the possibilities of what can be created in every facet of their lives.  I am proud and passionate to work with inspired self-starters who are ready for the next level of growth, the alchemists, in the process of reinvention.

I empower amazing beings to step into their highest potential, releasing limitation and old patterns of thought and behaviour through focused Private Sessions, through single sessions or 6 week packages

For those who are truly ready to walk the path of consciousness, I offer the Embodied Existence program, working 1:1 over the course of 6 months, to create rhythm, ritual, and flow.

I offer monthly meditation evenings for subconscious healing, fortnightly New & Full Moon Online Ceremonies harnessing the power of the cosmos, Initiaton Ceremonies for anyone ready to deepen awareness and understanding, and certified Theta Healing courses for anyone wishing to practice professionally. Kambo Ceremonies and Rapeh Ceremonies are offered for anyone wanting to release and heal rapidly using natural medicine. And Crystal Remote Viewing (Past-life Regression) sessions and courses are also offered in-person, resolving lifetimes of outdated patterns

I also offer an few online courses, Revamp your Relationships, Form & Flow, and Conclusion to Creation, offering grounded guidance for graceful transition

My bestselling book, The Space Between is now available on Amazon, offering guidance and clarity on setting healthy boundaries in all facets of life.

You can also learn more about my Global Impact here, and the ways I serve the wider world.

My History.

My professional and spiritual journey:

Over the past 20+ years, I have dedicated my time and energy to learning all that I can about the subconscious mind, identity, creation, consciousness, quantum mechanics, and all aspects of Soul Purpose and Embodiment.  I was awarded a BSc in Psychology in 2001 and worked with youth and adults with complex needs for over a decade in the USA and UK. I began to delve more into healing and philosophy in 2008, certified as an Acu-detox Specialist, and as a Reiki Master Teacher in 2009.  Later that year, I also certified as a Theta Healing practitioner and instructor, travelling across Europe and to America to continue my training with the founder, to become one of the leading instructors of Theta Healing in the United Kingdom.
Over the past few years, my training has taken me deeper into plant and natural medicine, supporting my own growth and transformation, as well as Leadership and Flow Performance Training with the Flow Genome Project.

Accreditations: BSc Psychology, Theta Healing Master & Certificate of Science, Kambo & Rapeh Practitioner, Crystal Remote Viewing Practitioner & Instructor, Reiki Master Teacher, Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner, Acu-detox Specialist

Emma Sedlak

-Actor, Writer, Singer, Creative Artist

“Jennifer is an immensely supportive teacher with a gift for relating to each of her students individually.

She makes everyone feel comfortable and challenged simultaneously, and each class is a journey.

I have been a student of Jennifer’s through four courses, and she has taught each one with amazing perception and compassion.”

Alisoun Mackenzie

-Compassionate Business Mentor

Since experiencing a session with Jennifer, my life has never been the same – I feel like I’ve joined a wonderful super highway of peace, happiness and abundance, that I can access at any time! Jennifer is one of the most naturally gifted and generous energy healers I know, she connects really well with others, and gets great results. My session with her was both amazing and profound. I’d thoroughly recommend her as a therapist and business partner.

Maya Badran

-Master & Cert of Science, Official Rep of Theta Healing Dubai

“If you are ready to experience a BIG shift and extraordinary changes, I highly recommend that you book a Thetahealing session with Jennifer Main. She is a great psychic and a very honorable healer. Every time we worked together on Skype, I’ve had amazing shifts afterwards. Her kindness and laughter are the cherry on the top!  Bless you Jennifer for helping me witness all the amazing miracles!”

Free resources for you, a taste of what I offer...


Free Series of Morning Meditations (recorded 2020)

During the first lockdown, I recorded a series of Morning Meditations via Facebook Live.  They're all still there, and you can access them via the button below.  (The series begins with "Return to Mother Earth" on 22 March 2020)

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