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I serve the world as a catalyst for change, having guided thousands of leaders, creatives, healers, and entrepreneurs at the top of their fields to expand into uncharted territory by integrating conscious practice, meditation, healing, and flow. We work within the realm where Alchemy meets Architecture, Form meets Flow, and Creativity meets Creation, inviting higher possibilities and ideals into the human domain.

My global mission is to inspire individuals to recognise unique potential and calling, to embrace personal Dharma, and to live an aligned and authentic existence through conscious group events, individual sessions, and mentorship. 

Will you join me in creating a new world?

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Hello Intrepid Explorer, I am honoured that you are here! 

I created this space to bridge the etheric and the physical, for exploration, creativity and expression, consciousness, Soul Alignment, grounded spirituality, magic & miracles, science and study, and Awakening.

If you are an entrepreneur who knows that business can be done in a more expansive way, a practitioner who is ready to share your Divine gifts with the world, an artist who understands the healing power of what you create, or a Modern Mystic who is simply seeking Purpose and Calling, you are in the right place! And I am so grateful that you are here!  Shine bright!



ReMembering Collective Membership Program: Regularly Scheduled Online Events

For those of you that desire a mixture of group meditation events and a dedicated program, I have created an online Collective, with each theme beginning and ending with the Solstices and Equinoxes. This container will help you to work with the current energies at play, to alchemise the potent power of the season, so that it supports your growth and evolution. You are welcome to pay monthly to have access to the group online teaching calls, AND to the library with our past event recordings!

1:1 Sessions: Guided Support for your Journey

You are invited to work with me 1:1. Our time together includes opportunities to address what is present for you now. We will address old conditioning and habit of thinking and being, so that you can liberate yourself from an outdated paradigm. We will also look to the future, towards your greatest goals and deepest desires, to ensure that you are aligning with your higher sense of Self and Purpose. You will move ahead with more clarity and grace, with practical tools to guide you on your way. 

Embodied Existence: For Modern Mystics

The Embodied Existence 6-month container includes it all! It has been created for Leaders, Healing Practitioners, Artists, Creatives, and Pioneers, so that you can more fully develop your innate gifts and strengths, and show up as the highest potential of you. For those of you seeking your Purpose, and clear path of Service, we will access the deepest, truest aspects within you, so that you walk and talk as the Awakened do.

Congregation & Initiation: Spiritual Events, in Edinburgh & beyond

My hope is to provide a space where like-minded Souls can gather to meditate, pray, manifest, dream, heal, discover, unfold... and that whatever is moving within you can be supported both energetically and within the physical world through our collective meeting. These events will be held in-person, with a focus on healing, meditation, and art, featuring artists, healers, and musicians, to invite creativity into our world!

Initiation: Through the Liminal, Crossing Thresholds

Initiation Events are usually offered as group experiences, to amplify the energy of transformation. These events are for those who may already understand path and purpose, but have been seeking a catalyst, something to move you into a higher vibration and understanding. Initiations signify significant change and expansion, and these events will support you into a new paradigm of thought and action. They are powerful and life-affirming, helping you to remember who you really are, and why you are here at this time. There are also options to participate in a bespoke Initiation Ceremony, just for you or a small group chosen by you. These bring sharp focus to specific issues, to heal, and to catalyse a new phase of life.

A New Modern Mentorship

A co-creative Mentorship program for Healing Practitioners, Coaches, & Spiritual Teachers will launch this Spring! If you are interested in learning more, you can book a chat with Jennifer via the link below.


If you have any questions options, you are welcome to explore the website, and/or book a free call with me to talk through what would best suit you at this point. Feel free to read through the many testimonials found throughout the website, to see how so many have benefitted from their experiences with me and my Tribe. I would love to hear from you, to know more about your beautiful path, and what inspires you to show up and serve the world!

Book a free 20-minute call to talk through your options!

Allow me to join your Journey

I would be honoured to be a part of your world. Roughly every week, you'll receive words of wisdom, clear guidance, and opportunities for exponential growth, my promise to you!

"Jennifer helped me change my relationship with myself! She holds the space to be sincere and open, understanding that we have learned to be closed to our desires, through thousands of years threatened by punishment, separation, embarrassment, shame, guilt. This sits deep within the subconscious mind, so Jennifer goes to those depths with you! It is deep, its profound, she is so graceful, and with her, I have witnessed the impossible happening! It is very rare to find someone so skilled, who understands, and is truly walking this path of healing herself. You can sense her teachings emerging from her own depth; healed and applied through her essence first, learned and passed to us. You just have to show up with an open heart, knowing that what you NEED will be shown at the presence of this majestic energy which comes through Jennifer. My life is unrecognisable since we met and I can't be more grateful. If you want to remove your inner blocks to limitless fulfilment, you are in the right place!"

Alina Kieras
Energy Coach & Entrepreneur

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