Certified Courses with Jennifer

For the healers, empaths, intuitive, sensitive beings desiring to serve with purpose, consciousness, & mastery... 

Let's Evolve Together

In order to practice with compassion, healthy boundaries, and integrity, we do the work for ourselves. 

Within each course that I teach, there is time given for you to delve within, to have your own subconscious issues addressed (because Healer, Heal Thyself). 

So you not only learn to help others feel more whole and at peace, you do the same for yourself.

“The whole experience was amazing. My favourite part would be realising my true potential and path. Your courses exceed my expectations."

"Jennifer is wonderful, and her teaching style is perfect. I felt relaxed, and grounded in her class.”

Crystal Viewing & Regression

Learn to lay crystals to facilitate past life regression, and witness future lives with your clients

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Theta Healing Foundation Courses

Create strong foundation for your healing practice, and personal development

Begin the Journey

Theta Healing Mastery Courses

Take the next step towards Mastery of Theta Healing, and your own world

Advance Healing

Theta Healing Elective Courses

Spend a few days fine tuning aspect of your life, physically, emotionally, energetically

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Emily Phillips

-Holistic Voice & Embodiment Mentor

"I have attended five Theta Healing courses with Jennifer as my teacher and she has helped guide me to see and feel more of my potential with compassion and non-judgement.

Her way of teaching has given me life changing tools for accessing new layers of creative expression, and thoughtful ways to let go of limitations.

I cannot recommend Jennifer's events enough! They always seem to offer this magical space of deep trust and playfulness and I leave feeling lighter, more connected and more courageous in my heart."

Eileen Hall

-Artist, Creative Director, Energy Healer

"Working with Jennifer has transformed my life in a big way, from training in Theta Healing, to receiving one to one sessions, her guidance and support has been seminal to my happiness and fulfillment, and I am so grateful to have her as a mentor. 

As an example, in one of the healing sessions, we cleared energy around some of my familial ties from the past, and within a week things started shifting in my family for the better, it was incredible and very magical.  I would recommend anyone who is thinking of training or working with her to sign up, commit, and go all in!"

Lester Smulski

-Certified Life Coach, NLP Master, Hypnotherapy and Advanced Theta Healer

“While doing a session or course with Jennifer, you can ask her to help you with almost anything, nothing that you’re ever experiencing sounds weird to her, because she is very open, intuitive and psychic, and she has great knowledge and skills, and she is able to scan the problem and help clear it. Jennifer elegantly helped me to understand and clear some things that I doubt anyone else could have helped with because she has a deep intuitive understanding of things that are often unseen. She’s also very trustworthy and has high ethics and good energy that makes her stand out as a wonderful healer and trainer.”

My Philosophy & Values as a Teacher

I believe that teaching is a calling, an act of service, and that my duty is to hold high standards for learning and practice, to set healthy boundaries for graceful awakening and intuitive development, and to inspire students to recognise their own potential and gifts within.  My Divine Gifts include expanded intuition, a deep understanding of the subconscious mind, and the capacity to deeply embody and experience the various planes and vibrations of existence, in all that I do. My intention as a leader is always to teach and support from a space of Integrity, Sincerity, Respect, Honour, & Dignity...

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