You are invited to join me in Mastery

As an infinite being, you have access to truth, wholeness, and wisdom beyond your current understanding.  Allow me to guide you through processes within, expanding your world, creating clarity.

There are a number of options offered, my hope is that you will connect with the ways that most align with you right now.  Let the awakening begin!


...healing the Past to BECOME the Future

If Consciousness is what we are created from, at our source, and if it is part of all that we do and create, is it possible to be Whole, to be One?  Of course it is.

As we journey through time, our lifetimes become our stories, a way to create an identity- which ultimately creates the illusion of separation, of 'other'.

But we can choose to be baptised by the ocean of consciousness, to return to the source of all that is, and be continually reborn in its waves.  We can choose to be delivered, remade, into the highest potential that existence has to offer.

And as we relinquish attachment to who we believe we are, who we believe we are supposed to be, we become.

This becoming is really an undoing, an unravelling, an opportunity to release a living death or suffering... If you feel that you currently inhabit the underworld, I invite you to join me in Heaven, a rebirth to the eternal, timelessness, consciousness.

The answers, the inspiration, all that you seek is seeking you there.


All you must do is be willing...

willing to liberate yourself from suffering, willing to surrender, willing to be reborn

...into new life, new awareness, into your sacred awakening - it is all here for you - whenever you choose it.

Immerse yourself, into the peace, expansion, joy, ecstasis, flow... 

It has aways been here.  It always will be.  Allow yourself to live life as the alchemist that you truly are.

As we join together in ceremony, we become witnesses, for ourselves and each other, consciously creating our own transformations, and are initiated into Mastery. 

I look forward to welcoming you!

Initiation & Ceremony: Rites of Passage

Jennifer facilitates various Initiation Ceremonies over the course of the year, offering new ways of living. Each event is its own unique experience, providing insight into various levels of your Being, a combination of self-discovery, resolution of limitation, healing, and elevated consciousness on every level.

Poetry, blessings, music, healing, prayer...

I include lyrical messages, music that supports your journey, and words that deeply heal. Ceremony provides a space for death and rebirth, endings and beginnings, new freedom to choose.
During the ceremony, we will take time to resolve karma and release obligation and fear from the past.
We will then connect with the wisdom and gifts present within you, allowing them to come through and be expressed in your daily life.
Jennifer will transmit information throughout the ceremony, for individuals, and for the group's benefit. Time for meditation and inner connection will be given, as well as space for sharing, and expressing these rediscovered gifts.
At the end of the event, you will feel more aligned, more present, and more prepared for your next steps. I look forward to welcoming you to our circle.

Recent Celebration...

"What a powerful healing we received Jennifer. This evening blew my mind. Perfect timing as I set off on a new adventure! Feeling integrated, aligned and empowered. Thank you so much! Lovely to connect with beautiful friendly faces there too."

"Thank you Jen! it was such a wonderful evening of healing and growth!"

"Thank you SO much Jen. That was quite simply amazing. So so powerful. Massive shifts. Feeling so good for it. Lovely energy and lovely beings there. Awesome!"

"Awesome as always! My energy is crystal clear today. So light! A lot of pain in my body is gone and I feel I’ve shifted something big. Clarity is the word I keep thinking today. I intend to keep playing with it and loved the meditation! Thank you."

"You were brilliant today, so inspiring. Thank you! It sometimes felt as if you were talking directly to me, and I am sure many others must have felt the same. You have a gift for this."

Fiona Morris

-The Natural Healing Guide at Nourish and Flourish & Founder of Divine Business Circle

Jennifer's events are always a transformational experience. Most recently I attended her Service of Leadership Initiation Ceremony. I left with a deep feeling of connection with my fellow holistic business owners, alignment with my authentic heart and sense of empowerment to take my next bold steps forward. 
Jennifer has a friendly, warm and welcoming approach. Her signature laugh brings an uplifting spirit of joy to everything she offers, particularly helpful for the profound healing work that she facilitates. 
If its time to release what's holding you back and step into a higher version of yourself, I highly recommend Jennifer as your initiation guide!

Emily Phillips

-Holistic Voice & Embodiment Mentor

Jennifer's Initiation Ceremonies are beautiful, heart opening experiences and a catalyst for personal and collective growth.

I recently attended one of her ceremonies that looked at harmonising the divine masculine and feminine aspects of ourselves and life around us, and the evening offered a delicious fusion of poetry, music, meditation, deep relaxation and healing.

Jennifer is a magnificent and calm space holder, a clear channel for change and her presence allows time for everyone to feel seen and heard whilst knowing how to initiate transformation with a fierce kindness at the core of everything.  I can’t recommend Jennifer’s ceremonies and meditation events enough! They always seem to offer this magical space of deep trust and playfulness and I leave feeling lighter, more connected and more courageous in my heart.

Past Initiation Ceremonies with Jennifer...

Learn to Navigate the Initiation Process with Grace & Flow

Embody the Elements...
We will delve into the power of the elements, to learn to work with these forces, as a tool for creation. Allow the Fire, Air, Water, Earth to move you, to feed you, to guide the wisdom within

Ignite your Intuition...
Embody the psychic senses within, become One with Consciousness, with Freedom, and with Purpose

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Bridging Human & Divine: Remember Heaven...
You are a Divine Soul, here to experience Life in new ways. We suffer when we forget what we truly are. Remember your True Identity, and witness your body and mind open to higher possibilities and perspectives!

Invite the Divine into Human Form...
Embody the intuitive senses within, become One with Consciousness, with Freedom, and with Purpose

By purposefully stepping into the Initiatory Process, you allow yourself and your life to change more quickly and much more gracefully than the times you resisted or refused the change being offered (and the change you have been asking for!) Allow yourself to receive and realise all that you have been delaying and denying. Feel the energy building, and welcome it, within and around you!

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Remember your Gifts

You are a Divine Soul, an ancestor, a part of humanity, a human being. You are layered and complex, containing gifts and skills that you may not yet be aware of. Remember them now.

Bring the Energetic into Reality
Embody the virtues, strengths, gifts, skills that are around and within you. Realise your potential, and activate it through your words, choices, actions. Your Dharma is supported through this, and allowed to unfold in new ways.

ENTHEOS: "full of the god, inspired, possessed"
...the root of the English word 'Enthusiasm'. In Greek, it is a term of praise for poets and other artists. It denotes our internal, divine power, attributed to a characteristic (or gift). It is time that we remember and embody these in our daily lives. When we embody our gifts, we invite God/the Divine into the world.

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Remember your roots, Embody your inherited gifts, reconnect with the wisdom of your ancestors

During this ceremony, we transcend time to resolve family karma and release obligation and fear from the ancestral line.

We then connect with the ancestral wisdom and gifts present within you, allowing them to come through and be expressed in your daily life.

I look forward to welcoming you and your ancestors to the circle.

Bring Harmony into your Inner & Outer World

We often spend our lives in contradiction, extremes. One side battles the other to be stronger, dominant, right...  How would your daily life unfold once the conflict ended? What would become graceful, peaceful, fun, once you stopped judging the aspects within?
Could you be the Presence of Peace, Wonder, and Wisdom that you've always desired?

During the ceremony, we will take time to deeply resolve projections about what Masculine or Feminine is supposed to be, releasing obligation that keep us in outdated and limiting roles.
Once we have liberated ourselves, the integration happens within, connecting with the strengths and gifts of each aspect of Divinity, and bringing them more fully into the physical world, to express with honour, strength, and integrity.

This is a divine invitation to heal the conflict and rifts, the judgement and blame, and welcome harmony within ourselves and our communities. Now is the time for unification, integration, and the compassionate strength that thrives within this new paradigm.

Remember your connection with All That Is.

Can you remember a time when you felt fully aligned with your intuition? When you trusted yourself to know and understand? When you felt fully integrated within your own Self, and also in communion with the energy around you? We are energetic beings, trying to perceive existence through our physical senses, and in the process, stopping ourselves from receiving the information that is being offered to us. We invest energy and effort into closing off our senses, attempting to dampen down the frequencies around us. And we cut ourselves off from truth, the bigger picture, and all that is. As we attempt to protect ourselves, we disconnect from all that we seek.

During the ceremony, we will take time to resolve fears of our intuitive senses, and release obligation from every level, that keeps us from living in Truth. We will then reconnect with ancient wisdom and gifts, allowing them to be more fully expressed in daily life.  I look forward to welcoming you to the circle, and witnessing your unfolding.

Every one of us is a leader in our own right.

We lead through the words, actions, and choices we make each day. But are we attempting to lead through our trauma and pain, or stepping up, into authentic leadership, inspired by the best of ourselves?

True leadership is an act of service, a calling, purpose, and the world is calling for us now.

Join Jennifer as she takes you through aspects of true leadership: integrity, truth, visibility, and intuition. Learn more about your own gifts, waiting to be shared with the world, and how to access and amplify all that you have to offer.

Seeking your own personal Initiation Ceremony?

Jennifer is working 1:1 with initiates, designing ceremonies to support the unfolding of Dharma and divine guidance.  These are beautifully timed with your Solar Return/birthday, beginning of a season, year, or when it aligns with the creation of your own life.

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Personal Ceremony

For You.

Partner Ceremony

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Family Ceremony

For the ancestral line

Tribe/Friends/Soul Family

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Rapeh Tobacco

New Guidance for your Path

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