How a masculine practice can strengthen the feminine

And how one extreme can show the way to harmony…

I have always been more comfortable in extremes. Extremes are much clearer than ‘middle ground’. When you feel really angry, you know it. If you just feel a little irritated, uninterested, meh, there is less clarity on how you feel and why. A few years ago, I began to look into extremes, and how I could use them to find harmony. And I found that experiencing one extreme can show you the other side of the coin…

Early last year, I set the intention to find my flow in the feminine. Even as a woman, I often feel more comfortable in my masculine aspects. But I wanted to find more harmony between the two, and so I started to look for ways to soften, and embrace both. But I did not have much luck as I struggled to find something that would support the two.

In October, I found myself signing up for a Crossfit class. For those of you who know a bit about Crossfit, you will know that it is not the most feminine of activities. Don’t get me wrong, there are loads of women who participate (and totally rock at it!), but it can rely pretty heavily on masculine aspects. Imagine my surprise when the (very masculine) instructors began to coach me in the art of the feminine, to improve my ability and performance.

Physically, I have always struggled with flexibility, with lots of tightness around my joints. When I began to lift heavier weights, I found that I could not complete the full range of motion of the lift, because of the tension I have been holding. One one level, I believed that I needed to hold onto the tension to stay strong, to ‘carry the weight’, to keep moving forward. What I learned is that on every level, having a degree of flexibility, of softness, of grace, enables you to become stronger in every aspect.

The reality is that as we push to one extreme, we are brought back to the meeting point of the two. We can choose to create harmony between our various aspects, and allow them to support us as we evolve.

On a worldwide scale, we are being challenged to examine the expression of each aspect, within ourselves, our families, and our cultures. Even though many of us feel very divided in this, we are being invited to find the harmony, and become stronger together.

How can you find more harmony between the Masculine and Feminine within your own life?

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