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Ruby Slippers, or the Yellow Brick Road?

This post has been in my draft folder for months. I have held back on getting involved in the political debate for many reasons. I want you to know that the purpose of this post is not to convince you which candidate is best or worst. It is about recognising what is being triggered within us.
The division, the fear, the frustration all point to what is really happening within ourselves.

Earlier this year, a lot of people began to ask me about Donald Trump, and why he is so popular with certain groups of people.
I believe that he is the symbol for all of us who feel abandoned, who are homesick, who believe we lost our way.

The natural state of the soul or essence is love. We are truly powerful, deeply compassionate, and free. On a very deep level, we know and understand that this is our most aligned state of being.

As a soul, you chose to visit this plane for a lifetime, a new vibration, a new way of feeling, communicating, perceiving. We all choose to be here at this time, to be human, but most of us struggle with this existence, to varying degrees.
As we ‘inhabit’ our bodies here, we can experience pain, suffering, and a feeling of loss. We know on some level that we are meant to be more, feel more, do more. The perception of being lost comes from the belief that we are not ourselves, that we have lost touch with our essence, our divinity.
We feel homesick for ourselves, disconnected from the love and peace that we know is possible.

The way back home is simply in waking up, and remembering who we truly are.

For most of us, this is a process. We spend our lives trying very hard to be human. We accept beliefs and judgements that belong to our families, our community, our tribe, so that we can belong. But the more we judge, the more fear we feel, and the more we step out of alignment with the true self. Our attempt to understand ourselves and the world around us then becomes a process of letting go of the labels, the judgments, the identity that we have built, so that we can simply remember.

Donald Trump shows us through his anger, the blame, shaming, aggression, that he has lost his way. He has forgotten his true, original state. He has become so invested in his identity, because it gives him a reference of who he could be, that he is afraid to let it go, so that he can simply be.

The more fear we hold, the more angry or resentful we feel, the more sadness we carry, the further we are from our true state of being.
If we were all truly aligned with our original essence, we would act with love and compassion, we would live in peace.

So those who fail to do so, can learn from those who can remember, and who live in that knowing. Being afraid of the aggression, or angry at its presence does not lead people back to themselves. When we all choose to act with respect, integrity, and our inner alignment, we can show others the way to do this for themselves.

For some of us, this means taking the time to follow the yellow brick road, learning our lessons along the way, through relationships and experience. But I also believe that to some degree there is a short cut, that we can click our heals together and be at home. Because connecting with that energy of soul is the easiest, most natural thing you can do. And the more you practice and allow, the more you are able to simply live from this awareness, from a higher perspective and vibration.

To follow the road, start to do what you really love. Paint, dance, heal, write, connect with friends! Honor yourself and your experience here by finding your passions, living your talents, and allow yourself time for self discovery and expression.
Click your heal together by meditating, focusing upon your connection with your essence, asking for guidance and answers from that sense of knowing.

In truth, doing both of these will bring you into that alignment, and also create a life that you love. And help others to do the same by living your purpose, your happiness, your joy.

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to know how to choose love, compassion, integrity, with grace,
to know that you are worthy and deserving of living the very best of You, in your daily life,
to know what it feels like to choose awareness, love, and truth, on all levels?
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