Are you able to unite the divine within?

As the feminine Moon has moved into Leo, the sign of the masculine Sun, (and currently Venus and Mars are dancing together in the cosmos), there is a great calling to create a union within.

Within family and society, we are taught that the Feminine and Masculine are separate entities or energies, that they often fail to match or work together well.  We may have had parents or families that struggled to communicate or nurture the 'other'. But in reality, like most things within this plane, there is a spectrum, and we all move within it (often swinging between extremes), expressing different aspects through our choices and actions.

Think back to what you were taught in your childhood about what boys played with, wore, did, versus girls. And remember your parents' characteristics and the ways they carried themselves, expressed themselves, interacted with each other and the world...

These subconsciously shape our ideas of what female and male are, what they 'should' be, and the ways we 'should' express them.


But instead of seeing them as opposing forces, what if they could marry, create a union so that you are not two halves, but a whole and integrated being?


Leo represents royalty and regal, and ignites the virtues of dignity, sovereignty, and honour.  We are reconnected with the most upright, strong, divine parts of ourselves, the God-self.

Imagine yourself as the Queen or King of your life, creating within your own queen/kingdom, and yourself a few questions...

* What did I witness in my childhood that distorted my view of masculine/feminine?  What am I willing to release, to understand the truth?

* Am I rejecting either within me?  What do I judge about the feminine or masculine that I am afraid to embody/repeat?

* How would a dignified woman carry herself, act, express?  How would a dignified man carry himself, act, express?  Am I living as they would?

* If I lived a Regal (magnificent, dignified) life, what would I choose differently?



Remember that dignity comes through what we choose to accept and express.  No other can give us magnificence, dignity, regalness, but we can stand tall and live them.  And we do this by allowing the feminine and masculine to grow and support each other within us, each day.  At that point, instead of swinging back and forth, or feeling that you have to choose one at a time, you are able to choose both, uniting the strengths and divinity within you. Witness the alignment and peace that comes with this possibility, and feel the union within you.

-Jennifer <3


**I'll be holding ceremony online on Wednesday, 16th February, join me then to embrace and embody the gifts and strengths of your inner Queen AND King!


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