What is anger motivating you to do?


Our emotions are powerful guides, when we listen…
We often feel more willing or able to follow our joy, our bliss, our peace. But what are our other emotions, our more negative feelings, trying to tell us?

Anger is one that most of us tend to avoid. We are afraid of it. We are afraid of how other act, speak, behave when angry. We are afraid of what we ourselves will say or do out of anger.
This is often after we have left the anger to grow, fester, burn, and rage within.

What if you could notice the anger when it is subtle, small, a whisper… What positive advice could it give?

For many of us, we feel angry when disrespected or dismissed. We feel angry when we witness injustice, abuse, neglect. We become angry when our boundaries are crossed, when we are challenged.

What if, instead of becoming angry, you chose to act?
What if you chose to change an aspect of your life, your behavior, your outlook, your perspective. What if you could hear the small voice, showing you that something is wrong, and make it right?

Let go of the fear of your anger, the need to control it, or bury it deep. Ask it what POSITIVE action it is guiding you to take, and take it. With Grace <3

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to know that you are worthy and deserving of setting boundaries and changing behaviour, in your daily life,
to know what it feels like to align with what you desire, on all levels?
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