Who are you trying to Convince?

Hello beautiful beings, I hope that you are feeling the benefits of this eclipse season! It ends with the New Moon this weekend, so spend some time in meditation, healing and gaining insight until then!

This past weekend, I sat in the sunshine and pondered the big questions of life. Whenever there is an eclipse, we are urged to look at themes around Destiny, Dharma, and whether we are following the truest path, or getting distracted or delayed along the way. I spent time speaking with my ancestors and gained a few beautiful insights, which might inspire you too. 

I know that I chose my genetic line for many reasons, and over the past year, I have been asking about where the paths of my ancestors align with my own, and where they may not. I want to connect with their wisdom and expansive experiences, but without getting caught in karmic cycles along the way. I also want to ensure that I am benefiting from their insight, but without their opinions clouding my own clarity.

After some time meditating and healing these lines, I was given a new vision. Instead of bargaining with them, or trying to convince them of what I felt was aligned, I was shown a group of around 10-12 ancestors who wholly understand and support my path. And they moved into alignment with me. So instead of trying to convince the my entire lineage, I can work more closely with the ones who are already on board. 

This does not mean that I reject the rest. It simply means that I can focus on what is important for me and my own ways of serving the world.

This vision helped me to recognise my own internal conflicts and fears, and the ways I have also been trying to convince myself, when the most aligned path never needs this. It was a powerful reminder to address the conflict within, to recognise where my fears are present, and where they may cloud my judgement or create hesitation.

I would encourage you today to ponder the ways you try to convince yourself or others of 'the way', and feel into the aspects of you that do not need convincing, or anything outside of you to prove.

This is the way of the Awakened, Enlightened, and Soul.


Over the coming days, I would encourage you to meditate on the following:

  • When I am in my head, thinking of ways to prove myself to others, what am I actually trying to convince myself of?
  • Which habits, patterns, traditions are keeping me on an old path, when I am willing to forge a new one?
  • What within me 'needs' convincing?
  • What do I need to understand in order to surrender to my Dharma, and to create in a brighter, lighter way?

Remember that we are often fighting aspects within ourselves, because we are simply afraid of the unknown. This distracts us, and uses up time and energy that could be dedicated elsewhere. Who would you be without this, and what could you create instead? You already know, so simply remember to remember.

 -Jennifer <3

P.S. If you feel you are struggling with the pull of the past, I have 2 online calls this month, to help you gain insight and liberate yourself. Click HERE to learn more about the calls on the 16th and 23rd.


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