Can you nurture tomorrow by Being the Elder today?

Hello beautiful beings, I hope that you are moving through January with grace and integrity! We are deep within Capricorn Season, which is bringing our focus to Time and the way that wisdom and understanding is carried through it.

Let's take a moment to move ourselves into the Capricorn Archetype. Imagine yourself standing on a mountain, that you have dedicated yourself to climbing, to understanding the terrain, planning your course, and mastering the ascent. It has take time and effort, discipline to continue ahead, a faith that it will benefit yourself and others.

Now see yourself at the top, gazing out at the view, with the ability to see for miles. You can see where others are in their own journeys. You can recognise what you have overcome and learned along the way. You can feel the connection to that focus and dedication, and how it has shaped you over the years.

You have gone through the initiations, and are a more awakened and aware being. From this higher perspective,...

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Are you receiving the wisdom from within your lineage?

We are within one of my favourite windows of time, the few days around Samhain, All Hallows' Eve, and Day of the Dead. This little portal of time, where the veil thins, always feels little more magical and mysterious, open to possibility.

During these few days, I always take time to meditate with my ancestors, and explore my genetic lines, and I do this for a few reasons.

One of the questions I ask myself regularly is whether I am living my own path, or that of my ancestors'. I chose to be born into a family with a lot of religious leanings, often conservative, not always in alignment with what I believe. But they were and are in many ways dedicated, selfless, giving, and devoted to connecting with God or the Divine. I used to judge them for our differences, and then I began to recognise that we were using a lot of the same gifts and virtues, and had many of the same goals in mind. I too want to help people connect with the Divine.

So I look for my ancestors' gifts, virtues,...

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Who are you trying to Convince?

Hello beautiful beings, I hope that you are feeling the benefits of this eclipse season! It ends with the New Moon this weekend, so spend some time in meditation, healing and gaining insight until then!

This past weekend, I sat in the sunshine and pondered the big questions of life. Whenever there is an eclipse, we are urged to look at themes around Destiny, Dharma, and whether we are following the truest path, or getting distracted or delayed along the way. I spent time speaking with my ancestors and gained a few beautiful insights, which might inspire you too. 

I know that I chose my genetic line for many reasons, and over the past year, I have been asking about where the paths of my ancestors align with my own, and where they may not. I want to connect with their wisdom and expansive experiences, but without getting caught in karmic cycles along the way. I also want to ensure that I am benefiting from their insight, but without their opinions clouding my own clarity.


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How can your Ancestors guide you?

Happy Halloween beautiful beings, I hope you are enjoying the energy this weekend!  Over the next few days, the veil 'thins', we are able to more easily connect with and witness what is beyond the physical realm.  

Each year, I spend this time meditating with my ancestors.  What I have learned is that they contain a vast amount of knowledge, wisdom, and experience.  I have recognised that so much of my strength, discernment, and faith have been interited, and have grown within me through each choice to apply them and evolve.

Your ancestors were the survivors, the warriors, as well as the singers, artists, and inventors.  They were skilled, dedicated, and knowledgeable.  I know that we can often get caught up in the belief that we have to dedicate so much time and energy to healing them, that we forget all that we can gain from our connection with them.

Schedule some time this weekend to remember the gifts within your ancestral lines, to feel them...

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How are you navigating the liminal spaces?

Hello beautiful beings, I am delighted to share with you my newest offerings!  I have been crafting these over the past few years, and am honoured to co-create these sacred events with my tribe.

Personal Bespoke Initiation Ceremonies! 

I have been offering larger group Initiation Ceremonies since 2015, which have facilitated profound experiences for initiates to learn and heal.  These have ranged in focus around ancestral healing, psychic senses, leadership, the masculine and feminine, and harnessing the elements.  The power of the collective has facilitated exponential shifts on so many levels through these events, and I have been working to create similar effects, but with a smaller group. The personal ceremonies can be tailored for an individual, a couple, a family, or tribe/friends/co-workers.  

With a bespoke ceremony, you will work with me to plan the most aligned time and focus.  This could be held...

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