Are you receiving the wisdom from within your lineage?

We are within one of my favourite windows of time, the few days around Samhain, All Hallows' Eve, and Day of the Dead. This little portal of time, where the veil thins, always feels little more magical and mysterious, open to possibility.

During these few days, I always take time to meditate with my ancestors, and explore my genetic lines, and I do this for a few reasons.

One of the questions I ask myself regularly is whether I am living my own path, or that of my ancestors'. I chose to be born into a family with a lot of religious leanings, often conservative, not always in alignment with what I believe. But they were and are in many ways dedicated, selfless, giving, and devoted to connecting with God or the Divine. I used to judge them for our differences, and then I began to recognise that we were using a lot of the same gifts and virtues, and had many of the same goals in mind. I too want to help people connect with the Divine.

So I look for my ancestors' gifts, virtues, and ways they served the world. I know that by connecting with them, and tapping into my own DNA, there is a wealth of knowledge, talent, and wisdom that I can build upon and amplify.

But I also want to be discerning. I want to ensure that I am walking my path in my way, not simply unconsciously creating what they created. Especially if it does not align for me and my life.

So there is a fine line to walk, and a lot of questions to ask myself, about what inspires me about them, and how we honour each other by using the gifts within the lineage.


Over the next few days, I would encourage you to meditate on the following:

  • Am I rejecting gifts and wisdom from my ancestors because I want to walk a different path? How could I receive the gifts without feeling obligated or limited within them?
  • What do my ancestors know, understand, embody that would help me now? How can I access that energy (meditation, time in nature, ceremony, etc)?
  • How can my ancestors help me to avoid the mistakes, pitfalls, obstacles, to make my path clearer?
  • How can I heal myself and my family line, without feeling trapped or obligated to? What would they like to learn or experience that would also serve me?


Remember that the answers we are seeking are within. And many of them come from the experiences of our ancestors, what they got right, and what they did not. We honour their lives by building upon their wisdom, and developing our skills within these bodies.

Feel free to hit 'reply' and share what this brings up for you. I would love to witness your musings, questions, and epiphanies!

-Jennifer <3

P.S. Join us online tomorrow evening to connect, meditate, heal, and embody the best within your lineage!


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