What are you waiting for?

Hello beautiful beings, today is the 8/8 Lion's Gate Portal, which can help us to open up to more abundance, connection, alignment, creativity, and receiving, if you choose to allow it!

Over the past few months, a simple question keeps popping into my head, and has also been coming up in sessions/events-

What am I waiting for?

I think that sometimes we can wait for a 'special' transit or day (like 8/8), or demand a sign or synchronicity to move ahead. Sometimes we wait for a bolt of inspiration, or often until the suffering gets so bad that we have to act. But again, there is a lot of waiting involved.

I think that sometimes we can form an idea of how things are supposed to feel or unfold. Or that if your plan doesn't involve a 'eureka' moment, it isn't real. We're waiting for some massive breakthrough, when in reality, the signs, nudges, intuition, and evidence has been showing up consistently, regularly, in smaller ways.

Often, when we're waiting for the sign from the Universe, we've already missed dozens or more. So what would it take for you to pull your head out of the clouds, and back down to earth, to witness the messages and inspiration you've been missing along the way?

Within Leo Season, nurtured by the Sun, in the light, open to receive, take some time to meditate on the following:

  • What sign, evidence, or push am I waiting for to shake me out of my complacency? Could I awaken without demanding the Universe provide this for me (especially if it creates suffering)?
  • How can I tap into my intuition to guide me, instead of depending on a sign or push, which I may also unconsciously deny or ignore?
  • If I was confident in myself, my gifts, my intuition, what would I lean into today, without hesitation or second-guessing?
  • If I was to show up as the Queen or King of my paradigm, what would I plan, build, create?

Remember that your intuition, your spirit/soul already knows and understands. Our human 'stuff' clouds the way, when we fall into patterns of fear, competition, comparison, doubt, temptation, and self-denial. When we align with the light of truth, love, and authenticity, we remember the way forward. Allow yourself to remember.

Feel free to hit 'reply' and share what this brings up for you. I would love to witness your musings, questions, and epiphanies!

-Jennifer <3

P.S. The Turn your Wounds into Wisdom program begins in just 2 weeks! Please get in touch with any questions or to join us!


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