What will you Alter within your Alchemy?

Uncategorized Apr 01, 2024

I woke up this morning in the middle of the dream, with the repeating message - Alter the Alchemy, and Change the Outcome.

It kept running through my head, over and over again, a new mantra, a new understanding. As I sat to meditate with the message, I was given a new knowing of creativity and creation, and what is required...

We are chemistry, minerals and mixtures, all that is within us is responding and reacting with whatever is introduced or removed. We are a mixture of emotion, perspective, choices and words. And each of these is made of vibration that either draws in or repels what the universe has to offer.

We spend so much time striving, working so hard, confused about why things are happening, or why we feel denied. We feel surprised or confused about what is happening within or around us. So let's break it all down and simplify...

If you see yourself as a culmination of all that is within you, parts that create the whole, you can start to examine whether the ingredients mix well, and whether they create something that feels coherent, whole, beautiful, full of grace. OR you can begin to see what does not match, what creates conflict, where there is too much of one, not enough of another. You recognise where the irritation lies, where the conflict plays out, and why you may desire one thing, but receive another.

We attract what is within us. And so to attract something newer, better, more beautliful, it is up to us to change the alchemy within.

Our physical bodies hold what we eat and drink, the toxins that we do not move out or stop consuming. It holds the chemistry of our emotions and feelings, and the consequences of keeping them unprocessed or unwitnessed. Our homes, bank accounts, minds, kitchen cupboards, wardrobes, living rooms show us the quality of the chemistry within us, a reflection of our beliefs and perspectives on life. Do they reflect what you would choose if you were consciously deciding?

We are right in the middle of Eclipse Season, a week away from the Aries Total Solar Eclipse. We are moving through a powerful portal where our decisions can change more easily, our behaviours and habits can evolve, and our minds can perceive new ideas and ways of being, thinking, choosing. So if you could change the alchemy within you today, what would occur?

  • What would you remove from your life today, to reduce the inflammation, conflict, unhealthy reactions? Which foods, habits, ingredients would you stop consuming or repeating?
  • What would you add in? Would it be more respect for yourself, more love for your inner circle, more time to read, move, dance, play?
  • Which one habit or aspect could you take out that would have the greatest impact? Which new practice could you add in or update that would invite the most grace or goodness?
  • What new outcome are you seeking? And which decision(s) would draw that to you?

Remember that understanding cause and effect is simpler than we often believe. And that if you want more love, more joy, more compassion or gratitude, it requires you to not only choose them, but make them a real and tangible part of your life. You are empowered by the choices you make, what you add or take away. What will you choose, and begin to attract into your world?


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