THIS is THE Work. Are you living a Courageous life?


2020 has been a challenging, transformative year!  I am so grateful for all that has healed, and diligently working through whatever is still in process.


"Its times like these, we learn to live again"- Foo Fighters (cool video here)

I know that over the past few weeks, I've felt elated, excited, inspired, exhausted, frustrated, and everything in between.  In these moments of perceived chaos, I find myself reconnecting with the wisdom of Daring Greatly (below you'll see part of the speech by Teddy Roosevelt, and the image to the right will link to info on on Brene' Brown, who is a master of speaking about Vulnerability & Courage.  And you'll love her Netflix special, The Call to Courage)

I share the above info because I know that in times of evolution and revolution, the worst thing we can do is put up walls, hide away, to avoid what is happening.  Or sit on the sidelines, criticizing those who are actually in the arena, getting messy or dirty, doing the inner and outer work.

Its times like these we learn to live again, we learn to give again, we learn to love again...

The world is asking us to find the courage within ourselves, to face our fears, to be honest with ourselves about what we can do to create change.

If you feel upset, angry, full of sorrow, this is your spirit telling you that you can choose differently, speak up, make a change.

So by lowering our defenses, taking away the walls, we enter the arena of vulnerability, opening to tangible healing and change.  Vulnerability is not an invitation to be abused- it creates space to engage with yourself and the world from a space of truth and love.  Vulnerability removes the filters and barriers to truth.  It aligns you with the best of you, and the best that the world has to offer.

If you feel that you are lacking in courage (which is necessary to be open and vulnerable), I recorded a meditation a few weeks ago that will help.


And if you are ready to join the conversation, to make a difference, I have another invitation...

Alisoun Mackenzie has invited me to co-host a webinar on Thursday 18th June at 12:30pm, to address White Privilege, and to Unpack Unconscious Bias.  This webinar is open to all, and will specifically look at issues around prejudice, privilege, and what each of us can do within our own lives to heal and change, and create meaningful impact.

This is THE work.  There is a way forward, through our fears, to embrace change.  Please feel free to get in touch with any quesitons!

(At sign up, you'll be given a very short, 1-minute survey asking what is important to address from your perspective.  Our hope is that this may become a series, a regular support, so please let us know what you need in order to create impact in your family, your community, your world)

I look forward to this opportunity for us to have courage, be vulnerable, and find ways to create incredible impact, together.

With Gratitude,



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