Let life colour your existence

exchange wholeness Jul 05, 2017

Traditional teachings state that we give and take energy, and that we feel most uncomfortable as we take on ‘other people’s stuff’. I used to believe this too, and while it helped me to imagine releasing another’s energy as I set new boundaries, nothing fully resolved as a result. I believe that right now we can change the way we look at ourselves energetically, and revolutionise the healing process.

Most of us follow the model that states that life is an energetic exchange, a give and take. We give away our power, we take our mother’s grief, we feel drained by those who are parasitical, or we surround ourselves with successful people so that we can feel elevated by the energy. But energy is energy, and it heeds intention. It will always flow towards equilibrium. Think of energy as a glass of water. We can pour water into one side of the cup, but it will even itself out, same as any other moveable substance. The energy wants to be in harmony, not a transaction or an exchange. As we seek to heal ourselves, we often feel broken, less than, damaged, and search for something to fill the hole within us. But this way of searching for resolution only perpetuates the belief that we are disconnected, or that we need to protect ourselves from the world around us.

Instead, we can see ourselves as fabric. A common technique for tie-dying a piece of fabric involves holding and twisting a chosen section. Once the fabric has been dyed, the twisting is released, producing a new colour, a new pattern. The fabric is not damaged, nothing is lost, it does not create a hole or rip. The process provides new colour, a unique pattern, all its own. Our experiences make us like that fabric. As we encounter situations that trigger us, the fabric of our energy is twisted, tightened. We are not broken; we do not lose a part of ourselves. There is simply a restriction in the flow as we focus upon what conflicts. As we learn from the experience, our outlook is coloured by each aspect.

Too many of us believe that we are broken or wounded. Impossible. We are indestructible and infinite. A careless statement, dismissal of our true nature, or directed abuse or anger cannot bend or break us. We must simply change our language, the ways we refer to ourselves and our lives. We act as though we are broken when we believe we are. Be the fabric of life and let life colour your existence.

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