The Darkening, as it makes way for the Light

Hello beautiful beings, I hope that you are navigating this eclipse season with a lot of grace! I've spent the past 4 weeks in meditation and deep contemplation, asking less about what I should be, and more about what I can complete.

Today, I pulled a the Darkening card (Wild Unknown Alchemy), and it summed up so much of what I have been exploring over the past weeks. This card reminded me of the benefit of sunset, eclipses, and releasing fixation on what has been, so that those timelines and karma can finish. A reminder that we require a darkening of what no longer lives, an opportunity for tabula rasa, a clean slate, in a sense, so that light can shine and grow us in new ways.

The upcoming Scorpio Eclipse provides an opportunity not only to gain clarity on this, but to allow this work on some very deep levels. The full moon will darken during the eclipse, helping us to resolve some of our deepest wounds, and leave the past perceptions and emotions behind. Through this healing, we are better able to understand our experiences from a higher perspective, so that we can gain in wisdom, and grow in strength.

This work is not for the faint of heart, but it is very possible, if we choose the path of courage, with a desire to live a life worthy of us, as Souls, and Divine Beings.

Over the coming week, I would encourage you to meditate on the following:

  • What are the traumas and wounds that I have consumed me, my thoughts, my energy, that I am ready to lay to rest?
  • What has helped to shape me in wonderful ways, but that I no longer need to motivate me to evolve, or grow in strength and wisdom?
  • Which past experiences from this lifetime, my ancestors, or past lives, am I ready to liberate myself from, so that I am no longer repeating the same patterns of thoughts, behaviour, habit?
  • Which experiences do I keep revisiting, which keep me in the past, when I am ready to be more present, and in flow?


Remember that the Darkening, the cleansing, the release is something we all must face. But that we can do it with the understanding that after the darkness comes the dawn. Allow yourself to navigate this time of initiation, knowing that the courage and strength you are seeking is already within you. Even in the darkness, you shine the light that is within.


P.S You are very welcome to join us online this Friday evening, within the eclipse window (super potent!) to heal, evolve, and grow


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