Can you create without weapons, change without fear?

Hello beautiful beings, I hope that you are embracing the Peaceful Warrior within you during this eclipse season!

The question that keeps coming through ask us: How can we fight without fighting?

Throughout this entire eclipse season we have been immersed in the themes of Mars: loyalty, dedication, and of finding a Mission that is Worthy.

When Mars, or we, are in our shadow, we may find that we want to fight, argue, be Right. Our anger may flare up, frustration tries to move us forward, to find a focus to follow. We know that the path of anger is one that is detrimental, that brings out our weaknesses, and leaves us feeling exhausted, flat, defeated.

But if we can identify and understand the Purpose within us, we can embody the gifts of these transits, and live as the inner 'Guru' that we truly are.

The Guru is not one that seeks worship, praise, or disempowerment. The Inner Guru leads us to the Divine, Soul, it takes our prayers to God/Source, so that we can abide with...

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The Darkening, as it makes way for the Light

Hello beautiful beings, I hope that you are navigating this eclipse season with a lot of grace! I've spent the past 4 weeks in meditation and deep contemplation, asking less about what I should be, and more about what I can complete.

Today, I pulled a the Darkening card (Wild Unknown Alchemy), and it summed up so much of what I have been exploring over the past weeks. This card reminded me of the benefit of sunset, eclipses, and releasing fixation on what has been, so that those timelines and karma can finish. A reminder that we require a darkening of what no longer lives, an opportunity for tabula rasa, a clean slate, in a sense, so that light can shine and grow us in new ways.

The upcoming Scorpio Eclipse provides an opportunity not only to gain clarity on this, but to allow this work on some very deep levels. The full moon will darken during the eclipse, helping us to resolve some of our deepest wounds, and leave the past perceptions and emotions behind. Through this...

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Do you know what you were built for?

Edge of Eclipse

On Tuesday, we connect with the first eclipse of 2, in Scorpio, with a Scorpio New Moon.  A partial solar eclipse, reducing the light from the sun, with a dark new moon. This is an opportunity to release the past and uncover, remember, rediscover deeper truths within...

One of the concepts I have been pondering and refining for awhile now centers around Purpose or Dharma, and more specifically, what we are built for.

I believe that each of us has chosen to exist here in this lifetime, this plane, for various reasons. I also believe that we did not come without a plan, or arrive 'empty-handed'.

Imagine that you are planning a journey, one of importance, that would have an impact, both on yourself, and the lives your journey intersects with.

There would be many reasons for the endeavor, and because of its importance, you would prepare yourself. You would not begin without some knowledge of timing, terrain, or potential obstacles you could face....

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Is the story of your past Serving You?

Eclipses: Following Your Fate

The day before...

In less than 24 hours, the Full Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio begins.  And because you still have some time to prepare, I wanted to send a bit of information and some areas to address, enabling you to take full advantage of the power and potency in this moment of your life.

The Nodes are connect with our fate, destiny, our greatest threads and themes in this lifetime.  And this eclipse connects with the South Node, which highlights where we have come from, so that we can free ourselves from the old story and karmic cycles, and begin to create anew.


Over the next few days, spend some time meditating on the 'darker' sides of Scorpio, the aspects you've been afraid to acknowledge, the parts you've hidden away.  Scorpio deals with death, the taboo, sex, drugs, & rock and roll, our old shame and the ways we have been 'wrong'.  These aspects are deeply held and require courage to face.

If you can engage your courage...

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How can you Prepare for Fundamental Change?

Although we are a few weeks into Spring and a new astrological year, things may not feel as 'solid' or formed as we would like for them to be.  We have cardinal energy to inspire us, fire to ignite passion, and the Warrior/Aries energy to give us direction.

But we are also moving towards Eclipse Season (cue dramatic music!) ;)

Each year, I normally spend some time connecting with the eclipses, making plans that work with the energies present, and generally being aware of their effect.

This year is different.  This year, my focus keeps being drawn to the eclipses, and I have been feeling compelled to make them a focus for the year.


Here is just a little bit of info to give some clarity (we'll go deeper during eclipse season)-

The eclipses this year are on the Taurus/Scorpio axis.  So for those of you with a lot of energy in either sign, you're going to feel it!  And even if you don't, these transits will absolutely effect you too.

Taurus energy centres on...

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Some news!!

Hello beautiful beings, I hope that you are enjoying the autumn season, the longer nights, and time to reflect!

I have a few announcements to make, and I am so excited to share the news with you!

The first is that the school in Lombok, Indonesia we've raised money for has been built in under a week! It is the world’s second earthquake-resistant school made of recycled plastic blocks – turning plastic waste into a valuable commodity AND using technology that enables robust schools and homes to be built in under a week.  (Watch the build HERE!)

Our team has raised £24k of the £28k needed, and we have created an online auction to cover the final costs.

Prizes include a week in North Provence, online courses, creative experiences, paintings, candles, and small gifts under £50. Or there's the option to Just Donate or purchase a Sponsor a Block Gift Certificate (a great gift!). Check the auction out HERE




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What do you Choose to Stand For?

Today marks the 1st Quarter Moon, half way between fiery Aries, and icy Scorpio.  As we make the plunge, there is a recognition that a lot can change within a few weeks, and that we can create it meaningfully and consciously.

During the New Moon ceremony, we talked about simply allowing yourself to burn, to allow the fire to purify and liberate emotionally and energetically.  I know that last week, I did a lot of that- simply allowing what was no longer needed or necessary to burn in so many ways.  I cleared my wardrobe, the garage, the attic, organising my thoughts and mind as I worked.  I transferred paperwork from physical to online, simplifying processes.  I cleared inflammatory food from my fridge and cupboards, supporting a cleansing of my body.  And I surrendered to any nudges to release, relax, to loosen my grip.

As we move into steady Taurus energy (more on this in the next newsletter), and the moon moves towards the tundra of...

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