The Darkening, as it makes way for the Light

Hello beautiful beings, I hope that you are navigating this eclipse season with a lot of grace! I've spent the past 4 weeks in meditation and deep contemplation, asking less about what I should be, and more about what I can complete.

Today, I pulled a the Darkening card (Wild Unknown Alchemy), and it summed up so much of what I have been exploring over the past weeks. This card reminded me of the benefit of sunset, eclipses, and releasing fixation on what has been, so that those timelines and karma can finish. A reminder that we require a darkening of what no longer lives, an opportunity for tabula rasa, a clean slate, in a sense, so that light can shine and grow us in new ways.

The upcoming Scorpio Eclipse provides an opportunity not only to gain clarity on this, but to allow this work on some very deep levels. The full moon will darken during the eclipse, helping us to resolve some of our deepest wounds, and leave the past perceptions and emotions behind. Through this...

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