Are you allowing Flow to Direct you?

As I speak to clients and friends, the past few months have highlighted some common themes.  One of the biggest is a feeling, not of being lost, but lost-ish.  People haven't felt totally in the dark, but the way has appeared cloudy or blurred.  Either the next step feels unclear because it is new territory, (and there will always be some doubt in navigating the new), or because there are a few potential paths to follow, but the way doesn't seem obvious.

Instead of trying to find the perfect path, or stressing that you're going to lose your way, here is my advice to you:

Get Directionally Correct.

That's it.  If tomorrow isn't crystal clear, then simply decide which way you want it to go. 

If you want to move towards better health, make a plan that includes better food, more movement, less booze, more sun, or whatever combination would be useful.  

If you want to move towards understanding yourself, meditate, try new things, get creative, learn about your astrology or personality type, learn in ways that best suit you!

If you want to feel more abundant, open to receiving, meditate on what you want in your world, explore new ideas to be decisive, to recognise what you value, to draw this to you.


Just get directionally correct, and begin to follow that open way.  The point is to begin, or to get going again, if you've stalled along the way.  Life does not change until we do something to change it.  

If you feel that you are fighting the flow, take a breath, and witness where the energy is already naturally flowing.  Take a look at that direction and where it could lead...


This is Taurus Season, and we are getting ready for a Solar Eclipse on Saturday.  This is a time to wipe the slate clean, to stop forcing a way, or feeling swept away.  Think of this time as a pause, or a still point.  Everything slows to a stop, just for a moment, so that you can assess the bigger picture.  The elements that you do not value can shift.  The old identities can fall away.  The problems that have been trying to tell you there's an issue can be witnessed and addressed, so that as you make new choices, they can resolve.

Get Directionally Correct.  That's all you need to do this week.  And when you do, you will begin to feel more of the support, synchronicities, and openings to guide your way. 


So with this in mind, over the next few days, I would encourage you to choose one or more (or add your own option!)-

1. 'Feel the Force' and notice where it is calling, nudging, gently guiding you to turn. 

2. Pretend you are on a spinning toy at the playground, and simply notice to which direction you are (gently) turned.

3. Write a few options on paper and place them on the floor around you.  Close your eyes and notice which ways you feel drawn (even better if you mix them up so you don't know where specific options lie)


Remember that as physical beings, it takes discernment, choice, and action to fully bring things into being.  Your action today could simply be to make the choice to gain discernment.  But once you have it, you honour the path by following it.  This is your Dharma, your Initiation, your way to weave with Existence.  

P.S. If you have other suggestions on how to 'Feel the Force', I would love to hear them!  Feel free to reply here or on Social Media posts! 

And if you have a friend who could use some help with finding direction, please forward this on.  And Thank You!


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