What is your Vibration Calling In?

I've kept the image below saved on my computer for the past few years, as a reminder to pay attention to what I attract. And as we approach International Women's Day (8 March), I feel called to consider the members of my Tribe, and the common resonance that brings us together.

I have always had eclectic taste, I don't tend to 'stay in my lane'. I was the little girl who wore dresses, but also played kickball with the boys. I can appreciate most genres of music and film, and find it difficult of have a favourite anything (a Top 5 is about the best I can do, and it will likely change within a week). The fluidity of taste, identity, influences has sometimes been a little confusing, with some difficulty in identifying what it is that I really resonate with... But I now understand that it has also been expansive, freeing, and nourishing in ways I can't fully articulate.

I spent some time this morning, meditating on the common themes and threads within my...

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Does your quality of life match your deepest desires?

What is the quality of the life you lead? (Relationships post 3)

Hello beautiful beings, I hope that you are feeling more energized and inspired, awakening from the slumber of the Winter months!

This post is the third in a series of three (click Here and Here for the other two). Today we'll focus on a powerful driver for the relationships we create, and the life we lead. And it all revolves around our ability to gain clarity on the quality of life you want to live.

Understanding this ties in heavily with how you want to feel, and what you value, but once we gain clarity on quality, it helps us to lay the foundation for the way we live, and what we subsequently create.

For many many reasons, we can often settle in terms of quality. This shows up in buying choices based in lack, accepting items that do not last, and that we do not really love. You may see clothing in your wardrobe that just hangs there unused, because the items don't feel great when you wear...

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How do you build a healthy relationship?

Today is World Health Day, and while we often view or talk about health in terms of the physical, I wanted to move us into the realm of the Relational. Today's post is the first in a series of 3, and hopefully a great way to get you started! 

I have repeatedly witnessed in every facet, physical, emotional, spiritual, that gaining clarity on what it means to have healthy boundaries, allows everything else to fall into place.

But we overcomplicate it, we project our past problems onto a concept that we could simplify, and become overwhelmed with surface solutions that never reach the heart of the matter.

So let's strip away the excess..

A powerful first step towards moving into healthier alignment is to recognise what you value.

Your values will motivate your choices on every level. But sometimes we can be motivated in unhealthy ways. We may want more freedom, so we create hard barriers to connection, make ourselves unavailable, or say no to...

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Are you allowing Flow to Direct you?

As I speak to clients and friends, the past few months have highlighted some common themes.  One of the biggest is a feeling, not of being lost, but lost-ish.  People haven't felt totally in the dark, but the way has appeared cloudy or blurred.  Either the next step feels unclear because it is new territory, (and there will always be some doubt in navigating the new), or because there are a few potential paths to follow, but the way doesn't seem obvious.

Instead of trying to find the perfect path, or stressing that you're going to lose your way, here is my advice to you:

Get Directionally Correct.

That's it.  If tomorrow isn't crystal clear, then simply decide which way you want it to go. 

If you want to move towards better health, make a plan that includes better food, more movement, less booze, more sun, or whatever combination would be useful.  

If you want to move towards understanding yourself, meditate, try new...

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Are you Seeking a High or Enlightenment?

I've spoken a lot recently about the ways we attempt to alter our own chemistry, so that we can feel different.  We drink, smoke, eat, walk, sleep, dance, sing, clean, and choose other activities in an attempt to feel better.  We know that some of these choices will up our Dopamine and Serotonin levels, so we pick things that feel easy and convenient to alter our states. 

Especially over the past few years, many of us have felt low, either frequently, or at some point, collectively grieving what we have missed, and the lack of shared experiences.  The problem is that often when we go too low, we over shoot, and seek out a high.

Highs are temporary, fleeting, and often come with a crash after-our bodies cannot sustain them, nor are we meant to live in them all of the time.  And highs are often pursued through unhealthy patterns, addiction, cravings, trying to fill a gap, and they never really satisfy.


So here is what I am proposing:

High is not...

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Does your Reality reflect your Values?

Hello humans!  I hope that you are navigating this Scorpio Season with grace!  At the moment, things may be feeling a little intense, unsteady, or overwhelming.  Now is the time to breathe deep, dig deep, and recognise that the discomfort or pain that is surfacing is simply what needs your attention right now.  And as you address the issues being highlighted, you heal.  Not through avoidance, running away, or sweeping things under the rug, but by embracing the opportunity to heal instead of hide There is no way out, only through.

And if you can embrace this, your Eclipse Season (we're in it now!) is going to feel much more manageable!  We are approaching a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus, and this one will be particularly powerful because it will be highlighting our earthliness, our quality of life as human beings.


This week has a huge emphasis on quality of life, particularly embodied living, being present within your...

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What do you Worship?

We are nearing the end of eclipse season, a time to clear your mind and body, to recalibrate your course, with fresh eyes and intuition.  For many, the past 6 weeks have been changeable, a bit of a roller coaster, unsure of the coming days or even moments.  As this energy begins to settle, we can assess what has altered and what has remained. 

For those who have been more courageous, consciously editing their minds and lives, what remains will be strong, and have integrity.  These are the foundations to build upon, they will last.  If we have hesitated, or allowed ourselves to remain in wishful thinking, there may still be options present that lead to nowhere.


Over the past year or so, I've been contemplating what God is to me.  I know that we can have some conflicting beliefs and ideas about the divine, so I've started to question/ponder what is worthy of my worship, praise, devotion.  We all 'worship' different things in...

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What is it that Guides you?

(i.e. Are you listening to your Heart or Head?)

How many courses of action are you choosing between right now? Are there too many to count?
Or are there a few clear paths which feel impossible to choose between?

The choices we make now will direct our experiences for the rest of the year.
What do you need to understand in order to make the most aligned choices?

*What are your priorities and what do you value in life?
*How do you want to FEEL?
*What do you want to experience?
*How do you want to spend your time?
*Which aspects of you/your personality do you want to express on a regular basis?
*Which strengths/talents could you express every day?

The more clear you can become about the quality of life you want to have, the easier it can feel to move into flow with it. Allow yourself to connect with the feeling, the essence, and worry less about the details.

And most importantly, get out of your head and into your heart. This has to be felt, intuited, and embodied. Breathe deep and sink in,...

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