Are you feeling Hedonistic or Virtuous?

Are you feeling Hedonistic or Virtuous?

I saw the movie Babylon this week, on the big screen, in all its glory, and it was an experience! Bright, loud, intense for the eyes and ears, there was no looking away or tuning it out. I won't give away the details of the stories weaving through, but one of the main themes circled around Hedonism, and the quality of life it provides.

I think that we can all look at our pasts, possibly towards our younger years, and recognise those within our group of friends who were the hedonists. (Maybe you were the one?) Our hedonistic friends are always up for a good time, ready to celebrate, planning for the next party. They can be great cheerleaders and encouragers, and often have a knack for introducing connections. But they usually slip out with shoes in hand when it comes time to clean up, pick up the pieces, or make conscious, responsible decisions. I will admit, a little bit of hedonism isn't a bad thing, there are times and places to let loose, try new things, figure out what you really like, and find what adds colour, life, depth, and fun to your world.

But we also know that where there is excess, a swing too far along a polarity, we lose balance, go off track, and it often results in a crash, bang, finish.

Over the holiday season, it might be possible that you slid into a hedonistic frame of mind, drinking a bit too much, eating more than you needed, up and out until early hours of the morning. And good for you, I hope you loved it, managed to wake up without a hangover, remembering the fun, and appreciating the opportunity!

If you have carried your holiday season into nearly February, this may be your call to apply some brakes, and remember your virtues. Your virtues and higher discernment is what keeps brings you back on track, able to move forward, with a clear heart and mind.


Here is a list of things to look out for (they can creep in): 

  • Addiction (mental, physical, emotional)
  • Unconscious Habitual Thinking/Acts
  • Over-indulgence, Cravings
  • Mindless scrolling/watching/consuming
  • Extreme Behaviours, Unmeasured Risk-taking
  • Seeking Highs (not Peaks, but ungrounded Highs)
  • Feel free to add any I have missed!


Here are some of the virtues you can lean into, and consciously apply/integrate:

  • Discipline
  • Dedication
  • Grace
  • Loyalty
  • Wisdom
  • Temperance
  • Honesty
  • Again, add what speaks to you!

Remember that we are really meant to LIVE life, pushing limits, expanding our experiences and perceptions. The wisest among us know where and when to dance along with our hedonistic side, and when to allow it to rest, listen, or evolve.

For any of you who feel called to find a beautiful balance with your wilder side, I would love to work with you to keep the flame alive, as you focus your passion and play! Please get in touch to book a call or session!


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