Are you feeling trapped within the ways of the Past?

Over the past few weeks, I've written about the Hedonist and the Purist. Time to dive into the mindset of the Conformist.

The Conformist finds comfort in what has already been established, the known path, inside of the comfort zone. They are more likely to lean towards tradition, what is already known or accepted, finding comfort in the past.

Like the other 2 ideologies, there is a time an place to lean into conformity. When we tap into ancient wisdom or practices, we walk the path of wisdom. When we seek a mentor or leader/guide to support, we are tapping into what has been tried and tested, enabling us to hopefully make fewer mistakes or face lesser obstacles along the way.

But here we are in Aquarius season, where conformity is rebelled against, rejected, shunned. At times like this, we are thrown into the kaleidoscope, where the comfortable or predictable are less present or unrecognisable. And so at times like this, there may be less of a place to conform, and...

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Is your attempt at Purity overly Restrictive?

Last week, I wrote about Hedonism, without intending to get into the behavioural triangle of Hedonist-Purist-Conformist, but synchronicity in my life has sent me in that direction.

I am currently listening to Michael Pollan's book, This is your Mind on Plants, specifically to the section on caffeine, its role in addiction and compulsive habits, and the ways it alters the mind. Interestingly, caffeine is so ingrained in society, in many ways it is the most difficult to abstain from, because so much centers around coffee and tea, socially and within the work world. Most of us don't really know our base-line of consciousness, because our state is continually, daily (or more), altered by caffeine.

So the role of the Purist enters, potentially offering a solution: Cut It Out.

The philosophy of the Purist tends to lean on absolutes, all or nothing, requiring clarity of judgement, discipline, abstention, and often withdrawal from aspects of society. Another extreme.

But its easy...

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Are you feeling Hedonistic or Virtuous?

Are you feeling Hedonistic or Virtuous?

I saw the movie Babylon this week, on the big screen, in all its glory, and it was an experience! Bright, loud, intense for the eyes and ears, there was no looking away or tuning it out. I won't give away the details of the stories weaving through, but one of the main themes circled around Hedonism, and the quality of life it provides.

I think that we can all look at our pasts, possibly towards our younger years, and recognise those within our group of friends who were the hedonists. (Maybe you were the one?) Our hedonistic friends are always up for a good time, ready to celebrate, planning for the next party. They can be great cheerleaders and encouragers, and often have a knack for introducing connections. But they usually slip out with shoes in hand when it comes time to clean up, pick up the pieces, or make conscious, responsible decisions. I will admit, a little bit of hedonism...

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