What are you choosing that erodes your Confidence?

Hello beautiful beings, I hope that this week you feel that you have more space to breathe!  We progressed into Autumn and into Libra Season, where our fixed judgements can be set aside, to breathe new life into fresh ideas and paradigms!  I am so excited to witness what will unfold! 


As I feel into the energy of October, there is a pull inward and then outward, like breathing.  In the northern hemisphere, we are moving into longer nights, less time with the sun.  One of the benefits is that we are called into home, and into ourselves, with more time to examine the outer world that you have been living in, and the ways it resonates with the inner realm...

The 'outer world' is created by the ways we relate and perceive.  Our relationships with our friends, family, work/life balance, money, movement, time all reflect the relationship we have with ourselves.  And so if the outer paradigm is not what you would wish...

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Do your Surroundings Reflect your Magnificence?

Welcome to Virgo Season!  We are invited to reconnect with the goddess, the maiden, the High Priestess, and discover new ways to express these archetypes and their virtues in our daily lives.  


The archetype of the High Priestess is one I have frequently meditated with over the past few years.  She is dedicated to the divine, to healing and growth, and to bringing these to the earthly realm.  She is an alchemist, one who can harness the best of what is around her to manifest and create in real time, here and now.  She witnesses the magic in nature, the elements, the body, life, and uses these to direct, amplify, change the energy around her.  

Take a look at what you surround yourself with, in your home, office, and the spaces you inhabit.  Each of these possessions was chosen for a reason, all have a signature energy, which can amplify what is within you.  Crystals behave in the same way- they each have their own healing...

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Are you Dedicated or Obligated?

Hello Navigators, I trust that you are moving through this eclipse portal with grace!

Right now, we are between the Full and New Moons, moving from shedding to creating.  Continue releasing-the more you do, the easier the next steps become.  Allow yourself to become weightless, burdenless, and even rudderless... Find the point of floating in serene silence, and then you will be ready for the next thought, step, act of creation.


We have moved from a mutable Sagittarius Full Moon and are heading towards a mutable Gemini New Moon.  The energy around is flowing, changing, mutating elements of our lives, bodies, and minds.  If we allow ourselves to get caught up in trying to control, we stop the magic before it can fully be realised.

Slow down, become still, allow yourself to deepen your breath, focus, attention, introspection. See if you can ask questions without jumping to a conclusion or fixed state of mind...play with the possibility and enjoy...

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Virgo New Moon: Are you planting seeds that you truly want to grow?

We are moving towards an amazing New Moon in Virgo. I wanted to break this down a bit so that you can take full advantage of the magic we're immersed in this week!

First, the New Moon...  I see it as tabula rasa, a clean slate.  Take a moment to feel into the energy of a clean slate, a new beginning.  Feel the calm, the quiet, a sense of peace.

The New Moon is dark, without light.  For some, this can feel unnerving, with an inability to see what is coming, what we are moving towards.  But in the darkness, the past is erased, there is no set path to follow, nothing to fulfill.  You are there in the quiet, within your heart, fully present.  And fully open to possibility.


In the few days surrounding the New Moon, we plant seeds for the coming weeks and beyond.  We are able to make decisions regarding the experiences we would like to have, the ways we want to feel, and the quality of life that we want to live.

Close your...

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An Invitation to Initiation

You may have noticed that my offerings have evolved over the past year or so. So have I. And if you are following my work, so have you, and I'm so glad to have you with me on this journey!

With everything I write, every event that I offer, there is an opportunity for you to release the beliefs, emotions, behaviours, and labels that are untrue, so that you can BE the truth, an embodied example of highest potential.

My own process includes regular meditation, study, food and movement that nourishes my physical self, and in working with the elements and energies present, which support evolution and consciousness. I invite you to join me in these practices, the initiations...

What does Initiation mean? Put simply, it is a process that facilitates change for your benefit, for the better. Initiation is present in our daily lives, in smaller, more incremental ways. But we're going to work together, following new ways to open up the spaciousness within, initiating you into more profound...

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Are you making things harder than they have to be?

(i.e. Are you allowing support when it would serve you?)

Hello beautiful beings! It’s been awhile since I’ve connected in this way, it has been quite a year so far!

I know that for many of us, 2018 was a difficult year to navigate. We were provided with opportunities to face some of our biggest challenges and fears. And so 2019 is the year to not only face them, but to make the changes necessary so avoid creating what no longer serves. This process can feel unsettling, or often destructive. But as we release old ways of thinking and being, we create space to allow a more expansive present and future.

So what can you do to move forward with more grace?

*Identify your best sources of support, and lean in.
Who are the cheerleaders in your life? Who consistently encourages you to stretch beyond your comfort zone? Who offers to help you, support you, or simply listen, when you feel that you could really use it?
Schedule a coffee, an evening out, a weekend away, or regular chats...

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Are you being treated the way you DESIRE to be treated?

(i.e. Are you showing yourself the same respect you’d like within your relationships with others?)

As we approach the end of the year, we often look back to see what has worked, and what has not. And I find that any time something is not working, there is an opportunity to delve within, to understand what is ‘not working’ within. Our outer world reflects our inner, providing an opportunity to check in with what truly aligns in the present moment.

Over the past few weeks, issues around Honour and Respect have been discussed in sessions and classes. So many of us feel dissatisfied with our relationships, feeling that they are lacking in love, connection, consideration.
But the reality is that another cannot provide something that you yourself refuse to allow, or offer yourself.

How often do you diminish yourself through the choices you make?
How frequently do you put another before you, creating your own suffering?
Do you respect your time? Your energy? Your freedom?...

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What wisdom are you bringing to 2018?

What wisdom are you bringing to 2018?
The end of December is one of my favorite times of the year. I love it because work winds down for the holidays, and I set aside time to reflect, to gain perspective. It is a powerful few weeks.
As I look back, I remember what I’ve gained over the year. And this year has been a time of growth and of letting go. Here’s what I’ve got so far:

At the beginning of the year, I focused on my core desired feelings (via Danielle LaPorte, check her out). These represent how I want to feel as much as possible, and there are some subtle shifts each year. My words for 2017 were:
Purposeful, Luminous, Bold, Dynamic, Aware, Fascinated, Aligned, Awakened, Spirited, Devoted
Next year, I’ll be asking for more dynamism and luminosity, fine-tuning my experience.

Theme of the Year: What would Prince do?
The answer: Whatever the hell he wants to do. It is always liberating to do what you truly desire, what really aligns.
Be more like Prince....

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What do you permit in the name of Patience?

How much ‘patience’ do you employ before you hit your breaking point?

I think that most of us mistakingly allow others to take advantage of us under the guise of patience. Over the years I have repeatedly asked or begged for patience, wanting to feel calm and compassionate in the presence of abuse. I asked for patience with people who lie to themselves and the world, when I was delayed because of another’s choices, and when a friend began to push my boundaries, and then to shove against them.
I believed that I needed to be more patient in these situations, but patience was not the answer. The answer was courage. I needed courage to choose a response that would influence the dynamics that had become increasingly unbalanced.

I have listened to teachers preach the power of patience. “Be patient, what you have been asking for will come to you”. I believe that this works to the degree in which we can allow, and then it is up to us to meet the...

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