Are your justifications all that is standing in your way?

Hello beautiful beings, I hope that you are feeling supported and lighter this eclipse season. We are building toward the most potent 2 weeks, between 14-28 October, and the energy is feeling pretty great so far!

I attended an event recently with around 40 people, and as an 'ice-breaker',we were asked to chat with the group and fill in names on a sheet, by asking questions provided. (These included questions such as have you been skydiving, who has a twin, who plays an instrument, etc.) One of the options was to find someone who'd had 9 hours of sleep the night before.

I was the only person in that large group that could claim this.

I was a little surprised, partially because I value sleep, and so I make it a priority to set aside enough time so that I can feel rested and energised. It seemed pretty simple to me, so I thought this would be a common point for more people attending. There was surprise from the others, and I was given about 40 different reasons why they could not get 9 hours of sleep in a night.

I was reminded about all of the reasons and justifications we have for not doing what we know would support us to feel nurtured, healthy, energised, or aligned. Subconsciously, we can find so many reasons to do or not do something. We are so creative that way!

But our justifications indicate where we are fixed, stuck, or defensive, and working hard to 'win', even if its simply a point or argument within ourselves.

We can feel depleted, not only due to the unhealthy behaviour, but also the internal need to prove or be right, about something that isn't even true. And our creativity and energy could be dedicated towards a better solution, a healthier choice. 


During this eclipse window where we are addressing our relationships, I encourage you to choose just 1 or 2 dynamics that are unhealthy. Choose a person (partner, parent, child, manager), a thing (money, food, alcohol, technology), a behaviour (avoiding conversations, scrolling on your phone, binging, overspending), and go deep into that specific area. I bet you will find thoughts and behaviours that you are justifying, even simply to yourself. Recognise the energy and time it takes up within your mind, and what you could be more free to be or do, if you stopped.


Worth meditating on over the next few weeks:

  • What choices/behaviours am I trying to justify to myself that I know would improve my life if I stopped? What would help me to choose differently?
  • What choices/behaviours am I justifying to other people because I feel embarassed or ashamed? How could I choose differently, and feel more proud of myself?
  • What is lacking in my life that I dismiss because of reasons that are 'not my fault'? Could you take another honest look and choose to be responsible for what you can change?
  • Does your mindset seem to automatically go towards pessimism, objections, frustration? What could help you disrupt this, so that you could recognise the truth of a situation, and what you can change?

Remember that our most common excuses, and the ones we hold onto most urgently are probably standing in the way of your greatest transformation. We like to choose the 'easy change', but in reality, leaning into what feels harder yields the better results. Find your courage, allow the excuses and justifications to fall silent within your mind, and feel into the new possibilities!


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