Are your justifications all that is standing in your way?

Hello beautiful beings, I hope that you are feeling supported and lighter this eclipse season. We are building toward the most potent 2 weeks, between 14-28 October, and the energy is feeling pretty great so far!

I attended an event recently with around 40 people, and as an 'ice-breaker',we were asked to chat with the group and fill in names on a sheet, by asking questions provided. (These included questions such as have you been skydiving, who has a twin, who plays an instrument, etc.) One of the options was to find someone who'd had 9 hours of sleep the night before.

I was the only person in that large group that could claim this.

I was a little surprised, partially because I value sleep, and so I make it a priority to set aside enough time so that I can feel rested and energised. It seemed pretty simple to me, so I thought this would be a common point for more people attending. There was surprise from the others, and I was given about 40 different reasons why they...

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