Are you surfing in the sun, or struggling in the depths?

Hello cosmic beings, I hope that you are swimming along happily with all of the water energy at play!

We are entering the darkness of a New Moon in Cancer, where the element of water can purify, and wash us clean.  Within the darkness, we release our attachment to labels, ideas, roles, and ideals.  Picture yourself in a sensory deprivation tank (if you have been in one before), or simply imagine floating in total darkness and silence...

Recognise that the water holds you, you remain buoyant, relaxed in its support. You rest between water and air, breathing deeply, your body expanding and releasing any tension or stress within. And because there is no sound, no light, nothing outside of you to stimulate your senses, you are able to draw your focus within, to the light, sound, and sensation within.  And there is just so much there...

Layers of feeling, a vast spectrum of emotion, textured, aged, ancient and new...

Colours, lights, shapes, mixing and mingling, memories, pictures, ideas ebbing and flowing...

Energy, flow of energies within, resolution, tension, pushing, pulling, healing...

You are a mixture of cacophony and harmony, conflict and peace, dark and light, past and future, everything and nothing.  And sometimes this can feel confusing, overwhelming, otherworldly.  The temptation to focus on the outer world is strong, and so we seek what is easy, comfortable, unchallenging.

But the cacophony calls us now to address it, and to release all that disrupts or destroys the harmony within.

With the Water and mothering Moon holding us in the outer silence, we are able to view and listen to all that is begging, pleading, shouting for our attention within.  And sometimes, the solution is simply to hear it, to witness what we have refused to witness before.  Some of us have worked so hard to dissociate from our inner world, that simply taking a moment to witness ourselves can heal untold stories and pain.

Take some time this week to enter into your own inner pool.  Dim the lights, quiet the noise around you.  And allow your body, your heart, your intuition to speak to you, simply bearing witness to the parts of you needing to express themselves to a patient and compassionate audience.


Points to Ponder:

 * Which emotions have I been avoiding?  How can I listen to them/witness them, so that they may heal?

* Which senses (physical and/or intuitive) have I been resisting or fighting?  What do I need to understand, so that I can receive guidance and wisdom?

* Where is there support/guidance for my life that I have not noticed or allowed?  What would make it easier to trust/allow this more gracefully?

* Which ways have I stalled flow in various aspects of my life?  What could flow feel like, and provide?


Allow yourself to immerse in your softer aspects, emotion, intuition, flow.  Bear witness to the hidden aspects, and witness how quickly they can heal.  You are never alone, and you are always supported!



*For those of you who would like some additional support with this, I will be holding ceremony online on Saturday with the Cancer New Moon, and I would be honoured to witness what unfolds.


Cancer: Water, Cardinal, the Moon, Crab

A fresh start, your first steps into a new chapter with the summer sun and the fun of the surf!  Shed your shell and feel the warmth on your skin!

Join Jennifer in Ceremony on 10 July @ 7pm to learn to surf!


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