Are you drowning in the shallows?

What is Resistance?

We talk a lot about self-sabotage and avoidance and try to create strategies to fight resistance. But why do we experience resistance at all?

We resist delving deep within, the pressure of deep diving.

Have you ever seen what free divers do? Free divers go into the water, without oxygen, with only a few pieces of equipment, very little support. They can risk their lives to push the limits of their bodies, pushing themselves a little more with each dive, to go deeper, longer, just to see what they can do, continually pushing the line between life and death.

Most of us are deeply afraid of anything that resembles this, but we emulate this behaviour as we push our comfort zones, and as we delve within ourselves. We are deeply complex. We are the sun and stars, blood and guts, fury and ecstasy, and this terrifies us. The duality becomes a whirlpool that we fear being sucked into, because we believe that we could never escape. But if we actually allow ourselves to go...

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