How willingly do you Navigate the Underworld?

Over the next month or so, I'll be addressing elements of Initiation (free ebook), and how to navigate the journey that you as a Soul has chosen. The topic is fairly vast, so we will break it down into its elements, beginning today with the Underworld, your subconscious mind, and the aspects we often want to avoid...

The darkness of the underworld can feel daunting or scary at the best of times. Simply put, this is the aspect within us that holds our fears, suffering, and pain. We view it as our 'dark side', where we blame the ego, collective/ancestral conditioning, and often what we judge about ourselves that evokes the most shame, blame, guilt, and frustration.

Within the healing world, there is so much emphasis put on love and light, about being 'high vibe', awakened, or above it all. But guess what. In order to become the light, we first have to address the darkness within.

Here's what is fascinating- the only darkness within us or the world is what we do not yet understand.


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