How willingly do you Navigate the Underworld?

Over the next month or so, I'll be addressing elements of Initiation (free ebook), and how to navigate the journey that you as a Soul has chosen. The topic is fairly vast, so we will break it down into its elements, beginning today with the Underworld, your subconscious mind, and the aspects we often want to avoid...

The darkness of the underworld can feel daunting or scary at the best of times. Simply put, this is the aspect within us that holds our fears, suffering, and pain. We view it as our 'dark side', where we blame the ego, collective/ancestral conditioning, and often what we judge about ourselves that evokes the most shame, blame, guilt, and frustration.

Within the healing world, there is so much emphasis put on love and light, about being 'high vibe', awakened, or above it all. But guess what. In order to become the light, we first have to address the darkness within.

Here's what is fascinating- the only darkness within us or the world is what we do not yet understand.

There is only darkness where we avoid, hide away, or dismiss what we could actually learn from.

In order to become Light, we must face the darkness within, understand what it can awaken within us, shine light into it in the form of new awareness, and then it simply becomes light itself.  We avoid the path to light by shunning our own underworld.

If you carry shame for your mistakes from the past, you stop yourself from learning from those choices, so that you can gain wisdom and mature.

If you harbor anger towards those who have hurt you in the past, you stop yourself from learning how to be more compassionate, to set healthy boundaries, or develop relationships that are based in love and respect.

If you hide away from the sadness, you refuse to appreciate what you had before, what you truly want, and to build a life that invites more happiness, joy, or gratitude.

So many teachings promote the idea that you simply forget and move on, but until you understand what you can gain from those experiences, you will continue to repeat the same patterns until you do. Bypassing does not heal the pain, it simply prolongs it.


I would encourage you spend the next week or so meditating on the following:

  • What pain have I built up to being overwhelming, I feel that I cannot face it? What could happen if I saw it, felt it, and then allowed the lessons to become clear?
  • Which relationships have created the most drama or pain? What can I learn from past choices that can help me to change the path and patterns between us/others?
  • Which feeling/emotion do I struggle with the most? What could happen if I listened to it, and allowed it to share its wisdom for the future?
  • What would happen if I shined light into the worst judgements I have of myself, and realised that I am not those things? What would it be like to recognise that this is part of my story, but not who I am?

Remember that it takes courage to shine light into the 'darkness' within, but this is how we become enlightened beings, unafraid of the world around or within us. You already have the strength and skills within you to do this. When will you begin?

Feel free to hit 'reply' and share what this brings up for you. I would love to witness your musings, questions, and epiphanies!

-Jennifer <3

P.S. We'll be addressing this during our call on Wednesday evening, please join/watch the recording if you feel called!

P.P.S For the Theta Healers out there, I'll be teaching Dig Deeper in a few weeks, learning how to navigate the underworld with clarity and grace. Please join us then!


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