Embodied Existence

Bring the Ecstatic & Profound to Heart & Home


The Deep Dive into Transformational Events, with purpose and clear intention to guide the way within


Learn how to bring higher consciousness and learning into your 'real world' awareness, heightening the beauty of each experience


Live a life that bridges the human and divine, fully understanding your experiences and invaluable learning

Embodied Existence

Bring the Ecstatic & Profound to Heart & Home

Immersion, Integration, & Embodiment

Understand the Inspiration

Learn to bring the Ecstatic into the Every Day, without the pitfalls and purgatory of the potential ups & downs.


Extremes in Life Require Strong Foundations...

...otherwise we flounder, falter, fall.

This Initiatory program has been built as a container for evolution.  And not one that you leave and never look back towards, but as one that arms you with proven, incredible tools (that actually work), and a foundation of wisdom, resources, and steps to follow that will help you to weather the weather, sunshine to hurricane.

Life will always offer us what will aid in our growth.  And sometimes we choose the hard way, the most extreme, the quickest way to 'wake up'.  These are the moments that often feel like tests or punishment, which can sometimes create as much karma as they resolve.

Our goal, together, is to navigate within the offerings of the Universe, and discern the more exciting, joyful, ecstatic options at hand, allowing you to actively choose the path of least resistance and most benefit.  Your healing can be graceful, your lessons beautiful, your consciousness expanded through what you do every day, and beyond.

The why behind this offering...

I have witnessed bright and beautiful beings struggle with maintaining a strong centre as more extreme highs and lows are lived.  I have witnessed lives move sideways in a matter of days, fears made manifest, and free-falling into despair.

The triggers for each of these can be a change in circumstances (loss of a job, end of a relationship, financial loss or strain), and these events can be navigated with grace or without.  As life offers change of circumstance, we are invited to meet it with a change in perspective, choice, mindset, and behaviour.

Most are able to navigate the smaller bumps with discernment, but with the bigger 'hits', can feel lost, ungrounded, or without a way forward.  This program has been designed to see you through whatever life offers.  Whether you feel burned out, hollow, high from a victory, or in the depths of despair, you will have the wisdom and tools to take the steps towards wholeness and embodiment.

Evolutionary Progress

We will spend each month focusing on a specific theme, an area of healing and growth.  The sessions will include time to deep dive into what holds you back, and time to plan your next leaps forward into conscious creation.  The areas of focus include:

*Areas of emptiness, hollowness in your world.  We'll address what creates feelings of disappointment, lack of fulfillment, and what contributes to feeling trapped and disempowered

*Purification & Purity, and how to release yourself from trauma and drama, the sticking points that you keep returning to, which drain your life force and joy.

*Connection, what it means to be whole and complete, a fully cognizant being, aware of what motivates decisions, and a re-writing of all that contributes to feelings of missing out, missing chances, misunderstanding yourself and your world.

*Flow, flow states, and how to bring yourself and your life into alignment with you as an authentic, divine, human being, evolving and growing with whatever is unfolding in your life

*Ecstasis, ecstatic states, moments of divine clarity, wholly connected to the greatness of the universe and yourself.  We will connect with the taboo, undiscovered aspects within, sex, drugs, and rock'n'roll, a distillation of what works effectively, healthily, beautifully.

*Embodiment, integration of the divine within human form, living your life with the understanding that you are More Than, and allowing this to unfold in your daily existence, recalibrating your divine metronome and rhythm with Existence.

Understand Peak States, Ecstasis, & Flow

We will create a tailored plan, scheduling your life in a way that these higher states become a grounded way of life 

Living with Ceremony & Ritual

You will learn about the healing benefits of ceremony and ritual, what it is like to include this in the every day, and how to live your life as a ceremony.

Initiation to Higher Consciousness

We will initiate you to connect with new guides, higher consciousness, more expansive experiences, a Remembering of who you Are.

What you Gain from this Immersion...

*10 expansive sessions/ceremonies with me:  We will follow tried and tested processes, but with enough room to adjust, depending on what you are choosing within that 6 month time period.  If you are planning a silent retreat, a psychedelic experience, a transcendent music festival, we will schedule your sessions around events like these, to ensure that you are wholly prepared beforehand, and able to bring the goodness (and greatness) back down to earth after.  Our private sessions and ceremonies will range from 75-120 minutes, booked on Mondays and Thursdays.

*New & Full Moon Online Ceremonies: I hold these ceremonies online every fortnight, and you are invited to join us live, or watch the recording in the following days.  Check Here for further information and dates.  Attending these will help you to align with the rhythm of the cosmos, and understand the transits that affect you most.

*Deeper Understanding of your Birth Chart: I will talk you through the major points of your birth chart, addressing aspects of your personality, archetypes, and purpose.  Understanding this information helps to inform your understanding of yourself, which deepens your experiences of a divine being in a human world.

*Tailored Ritual Planning: We will address your rituals, or lack of them, to get your mind and body into a state of flow.  Once these are in place, you will begin to invite in more ease, more clarity, more grace.  We'll schedule your life according to the seasons, astrological transits, the body's natural rhythms, in ways that work with you.  The more you live within the natural patterns and rituals of the energetic world, the easier it becomes to reach peak states, and live in flow.

*Tools that work: I will introduce to you tried and tested tools to expand your consciousness, with your feet on the ground.  Together, we will create a path and plan to build your courage, confidence, and natural abilities.  You'll have new ways to move your body, move your energy, move your mind!  We will create daily practices for you to form a rhythm within your life, learning to 'hack' into flow states and live from a higher perspective and paradigm.

*Healing on Every Level: Our sessions and ceremonies will include resolution of karmic ties, out-dated belief systems, limitations of the mind and body.  Together, we will heal the causes of suffering within, from this lifetime and every other.

*Kambo & Rapeh Ceremony: A ceremony initiating you to the healing powers of natural medicines Kambo, and sacred tobacco Rapeh (if in-person is possible, and if this aligns with the tailored program)

*A Deeper Connection with your Guides and Ancestors: You may already be aware of some of your angels and guides, but what if you are ready for a new team?  During our first ceremony, we will call in and meet the guides who have the wisdom and skill to best assist you now and in the future.

*Bespoke Initiation Ceremony: Our first ceremony will include time to be initiated by me, to the mysteries of the world, increasing your psychic senses and your intuitive mind.  You will be invited to commune with the laws of existence, your spirit, your Soul, and your Future.  The ceremony will be tailored to you, and all that is ready to be birthed into your life.  We will include beautiful music, poetry, breath work, healing, and meditation to alter your state and your vibration.

*Access to Jennifer's Online Courses & Books: You will be given access to the catalog of my online courses and books as they support your journey 

*Access to a private group on Facebook: A space to ask questions and connect with other like-minded beings, Soul family support

*Weekly check-ins and accountability with Jennifer: connect with Jennifer via email and calls

*Curated Resources, just for you: Jennifer will create a list of books, resources, and connections based on your needs and desires

Are you ready to live an Embodied Existence?

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Who is this for?

You're going to gain incredible benefits if the following fits:

*Intensive Courses: If you are already attending or plan to attend a course(s) that requires you to deep dive into the subconscious within, challenging and changing foundational beliefs and identity, and realign your life

*Deep Healing/Meditation/Breath Work: If you are yourself, or with others, navigating the unsure terrain within, for healing or to alter your state

*Psychonauts: If you are boldly going where no one has gone before, using plant medicine or other mind-altering substances, and need a few anchors, some guidance to prepare you for the before and after, and a grounded presence for the journey within

*BIG Life Changes: If you are currently in the process of changing career, moving home, ending a long-term relationship, getting married, getting a divorce, changing your Tribe, grieving loss of a loved one, suffering illness or injury, or any other major life event

*Recalibration and Return Home:  If you are feeling lost along the way, that your compass has stopped working, your intuition unclear, and you want to remember what you have forgotten about your Spirit & Self.

*Mission Driven: If your calling is your priority, you feel ready to lead, guide, create, and connect, and are ready to step up in clarity or conviction.

Who is not going to resonate?

We are likely not a divine match if you are:

*Simply looking for a hack, a quick fix, a way to get high, numb out, or any other way of bypassing the depths of life (because that's where the richness is and riches reside, and the way out is through)

*Resisting opportunities to honestly address what is working in life, and what is not.  And then do something about it.  Sometimes its as simple as changing  mindsets or ideas, but often, what is required is the courage to create bigger, lasting change.

*Unwilling to release and resolve out-dated belief systems, trauma, and fear of yourself or the surrounding world.  These indicate a lack of truth, love, alignment, and now is the time to embrace your light and lightness of being.

*Unwilling to dedicate 6 months to epic transformation, understanding, and healing for yourself.  A short period of time for a great increase in quality of life!

*Unwilling to recognise, develop, and really live your virtues, the best of yourself, and share these with others.  This is why we're here.

What is included...

These are my commitments to you, and yours to yourself.  Transmutation comes from a decision to do the work and honour the benefits of the process, together.

Six months of healing, guidance, & support

We will work together for 6 months, enabling you to drive deep and really plant the learnings, which will inform the rest of your life

Connect with Jennifer throughout

We will schedule regular sessions, creating a rhythm for evolution.  You will also be able to check in with me throughout the process, via email and/or short calls, to ask questions and assess your alignment

Develop a Foundation for a Beautiful Life

All that we do during this process can be used again and again, with tools that work, healing that purifies, and wisdom that guides your present and future.

Eileen Hall

-Artist, Creative Director, Energy Healer

"Working with Jennifer has transformed my life in a big way, from training in Theta Healing, to receiving one to one sessions, her guidance and support has been seminal to my happiness and fulfillment, and I am so grateful to have her as a mentor.

As an example, in one of the healing sessions, we cleared energy around some of my familial ties from the past, and within a week things started shifting in my family for the better, it was incredible and very magical. I would recommend anyone who is thinking of training or working with her to sign up, commit, and go all in!"

Emily Phillips

-Holistic Voice & Embodiment Mentor

Jennifer's ceremonies are beautiful, heart opening experiences and a catalyst for personal and collective growth, harmonising aspects of ourselves and life around us, offering a delicious fusion of poetry, music, meditation, deep relaxation and healing.  Jennifer is a magnificent and calm space holder, a clear channel for change to initiate transformation with a fierce kindness at the core of everything.  I can’t recommend Jennifer’s ceremonies and meditation events enough! They always seem to offer this magical space of deep trust and playfulness and I leave feeling lighter, more connected and more courageous in my heart.

Why work with Jennifer?

Jennifer has lived her entire life as a bridge between human and divine.  As an intuitive child, she learned from an early age to feel the energy of her environment and of those around her, and to trust her intuition as she navigated the world. 

Jennifer has dedicated the past 25+ years to more deeply understanding the subconscious mind, motivation driving decision, leadership, boundaries, service, Initiation, Purpose, and living an aligned existence.

She is a dedicated 'Psychonaut', having spent decades formally studying Psychology, Leadership, Meditation, Theta Healing, Reiki, Crystals, Angels & Guides, Acupuncture, Plant and Natural Medicines, Sacred Geometry, the Laws of Existence, Astrology, the Science behind the Mystical, and utilises her vast knowledge and embodied experience to support initiates through extreme experiences in a grounded way.

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