What would inspire you to take action today?

Over the past few weeks, I have held a lot of sessions and conversations around internal vs external action, and the difference in outcomes.

Many of us have been taking time 'out', or maybe more IN. There has been a lot of thinking through things, connecting with emotion, creating more awareness around motivations and expectations, and the connection between mind, heart, body. I know that a lot of answers have surfaced, 'aha moments' realised, and some settling and centering of energy. And it has been important to process through these and to bear witness to the internal resolution and healing that has been unfolding.

So what now? The temptation to continue to sit in the internal can pull us from active learning and healing into passive waiting or delay. And there is a fine line between conscious patience and planning, and avoidance of implementation of the learning.

As we move towards the Autumn months, we move towards the harvest, where we reap what we have sown over the past months (or longer!). And as you can imagine, a harvest involves decisions, assessment, and action of some kind.

So I encourage you to take some time to meditate on the actions that you can take now, which will benefit you greatly in the coming months ahead. And without your mind overcomplicating it, or your fears creating obstacles between you and what is gracefully achievable. If we sit too long, the momentum we have stirred will begin to settle again...

Take some time to consider the clearest path, a straightforward course of action, ways to move your body that will keep the momentum moving in the direction you desire. Find the direction, move that way, and the flow will help to carry you!

Spend some time in stillness and ask yourself a few questions:
-Which simple action could get things moving in the right direction?
-What have I realised over the past weeks that will help direct me now, and into the future?
-What are the common themes within conversations that highlight where I could take action, to resolve the past or free myself to the present?
-If I wasn't afraid to take action, what would I choose to do today?

Remember that your life is what you choose to create. It begins with a deeper understanding of yourself and your alignment, but ultimately shows up through the choices you make, and the ways you choose to take action in the physical world.


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