What is your biggest Catalyst for Change?

We have reached the end of Venus Retrograde but are still witnessing its effects playing out within our lives. The 6 week transit highlighted where our relationships were failing, our quality of life is low, and how what we allow may be out of alignment with our deeper desires. For many, it was a difficult 40+ days where sadness and anger were triggered, old traumas surfaced, and a mirror was held up, enabling us to honestly examine the sources of our suffering.

It has been a great reminder that we often wait for things to deteriorate or self-destruct before we address what we may view as overwhelming, confusing, or difficult to navigate.


We can all look back at our lives and recognise times when we shied away from an opportunity to address an issue, to set a boundary, or have a difficult conversation. We could have leaned into the challenge but allowed the drama to play out and grow.


This period has not been about finding the blame, but instead identifying the...

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What would inspire you to take action today?

Over the past few weeks, I have held a lot of sessions and conversations around internal vs external action, and the difference in outcomes.

Many of us have been taking time 'out', or maybe more IN. There has been a lot of thinking through things, connecting with emotion, creating more awareness around motivations and expectations, and the connection between mind, heart, body. I know that a lot of answers have surfaced, 'aha moments' realised, and some settling and centering of energy. And it has been important to process through these and to bear witness to the internal resolution and healing that has been unfolding.

So what now? The temptation to continue to sit in the internal can pull us from active learning and healing into passive waiting or delay. And there is a fine line between conscious patience and planning, and avoidance of implementation of the learning.

As we move towards the Autumn months, we move towards the harvest, where we reap what we have sown over the past...

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