Do your Surroundings Reflect your Magnificence?

Welcome to Virgo Season!  We are invited to reconnect with the goddess, the maiden, the High Priestess, and discover new ways to express these archetypes and their virtues in our daily lives.  


The archetype of the High Priestess is one I have frequently meditated with over the past few years.  She is dedicated to the divine, to healing and growth, and to bringing these to the earthly realm.  She is an alchemist, one who can harness the best of what is around her to manifest and create in real time, here and now.  She witnesses the magic in nature, the elements, the body, life, and uses these to direct, amplify, change the energy around her.  

Take a look at what you surround yourself with, in your home, office, and the spaces you inhabit.  Each of these possessions was chosen for a reason, all have a signature energy, which can amplify what is within you.  Crystals behave in the same way- they each have their own healing...

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Are you creating a new paradigm, or reliving the old?

We are finally moving into the energy of spring, feeling more awake, more alive, and ready to create again!  I know that since the last New Moon, I have felt like a new person, with more energy, more focus, and back into the swing of life and creation.

As we move out of hibernation and into rebirth and new growth, we can feel that there are many options, perhaps a few crossroads as well.  We can often feel overwhelmed with choice.  But the beauty of choice is that is provides opportunities to create, to learn, and to evolve.

Spend some time this weekend meditating on your current trajectories.  Are they the same as before?

If they are, I would encourage you to expand your vision, and invite in new possibility.  This year is not meant to be lived as the previous.  The world is evolving and changing in so many ways, and so will we, if we honour the process, and welcome the wisdom.

I know that opportunities that I would have jumped at even a few...

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Virgo New Moon: Are you planting seeds that you truly want to grow?

We are moving towards an amazing New Moon in Virgo. I wanted to break this down a bit so that you can take full advantage of the magic we're immersed in this week!

First, the New Moon...  I see it as tabula rasa, a clean slate.  Take a moment to feel into the energy of a clean slate, a new beginning.  Feel the calm, the quiet, a sense of peace.

The New Moon is dark, without light.  For some, this can feel unnerving, with an inability to see what is coming, what we are moving towards.  But in the darkness, the past is erased, there is no set path to follow, nothing to fulfill.  You are there in the quiet, within your heart, fully present.  And fully open to possibility.


In the few days surrounding the New Moon, we plant seeds for the coming weeks and beyond.  We are able to make decisions regarding the experiences we would like to have, the ways we want to feel, and the quality of life that we want to live.

Close your...

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