Are you seeking a Map or following your Compass?

When I 'tuned in' to decide what to share with you this week, I received a question: 'What is on the table?'

This question fits in with so many conversations I've had lately, so it feels like perfect timing to explore. The idea around this question, 'What is on the table', involves taking a look at what is already before you, because it is what you previously manifested.

At this moment, there are people feasting because they spent time creating, planning, working, prospecting. They are feeling nourished by their choices and actions, and are 'fed' by the results.

Many of us are feeling hungry, because the fruits of what we previously created are either no longer producing, or are no longer satisfying.

Sometimes, we can find it difficult to know when to 'be patient', when to act, when to initiate change. For those of us going hungry, feeling undernourished, the time is now!

Here is the interesting bit: If you are doing what has worked before and it is no longer producing, then you are in the liminal space, working your way towards something new.

At this point, most people want a detailed map, showing distance, time, range, difficulty, all of the details possible to make it 'a sure thing'. But right now, we do not have many maps for the current paradigm that provide this for us.


But you already have something better than a map to the known territory. You have an inner compass, your intuition, that knows the direction, and that also understands your personal dharma and where that is meant to lead you. Those old maps will not show you where you're headed. Intuition is what shows leaders and pioneers the way.


Whenever I feel lost, I am often tempted to look at what someone else is doing and attempt to follow his/her way. And it never really works, at least not for long (if at all)

So my best piece of advice is this: Get still, get quiet, sink into yourself, and witness.

(Witness= feel, see, hear, know intuitively. Engage any combination of these that work for you to gain the direction you are seeking!)

Your intuition connects you with Soul, your higher self, your future self, your guides and ancestors, nature, any divine aspect of creation that could be of use to you right now! But if you are only relying on what is already known, or simply following a limited process, you miss out on the wisdom beyond the known, beyond what your mind already believes.


Spend some time today in stillness and ask yourself a few questions:

  • What is Soul/Higher Self trying to show or tell me, that I have been missing?
  • How is my future self trying to guide me right now?
  • Where are the synchronicities, invitations, possibilities, and how can I more easily recognise them?
  • If I allowed my identity to vanish, even for a moment, what would it free me up to be/do?


Remember that the answers are within you, and that you can access them through inner conversations, asking questions, and allowing guidance and clarity to surface. You are the answers that you seek! Now is the time to live them.

I am excited to witness the creation of your new paradigm! Please feel free to get in touch and share what is exciting for you right now!

-Jennifer <3


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