Are you planting from the Past, or for the Future?

At this time of year, I always feel a bit more enthusiasm and optimism. The summer sun is more potent, along with the promise of growth, visibility, and a witnessing of the benefits of dedicated effort over the previous months.

In this final week of Spring, I feel that we are called to consider the last aspects of planting and planning, to think about the year ahead, and ensure that we are planting seeds from the heart and soul, so that what we reap over the next few seasons is aligned with something more meaningful and joyful.

Over the past few weeks, I have been playing with the idea of Magnetism, and what it feels like to draw to us, not only what we desire, but also what we are.

I listened to Robert Holden speak a few years ago about not only recognising what we want to have, but also becoming it. If you want a great friend, be a great friend. If you want more love, become love.

So the seeds we are planting are not in the external world, but within ourselves....

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Is your attempt at Purity overly Restrictive?

Last week, I wrote about Hedonism, without intending to get into the behavioural triangle of Hedonist-Purist-Conformist, but synchronicity in my life has sent me in that direction.

I am currently listening to Michael Pollan's book, This is your Mind on Plants, specifically to the section on caffeine, its role in addiction and compulsive habits, and the ways it alters the mind. Interestingly, caffeine is so ingrained in society, in many ways it is the most difficult to abstain from, because so much centers around coffee and tea, socially and within the work world. Most of us don't really know our base-line of consciousness, because our state is continually, daily (or more), altered by caffeine.

So the role of the Purist enters, potentially offering a solution: Cut It Out.

The philosophy of the Purist tends to lean on absolutes, all or nothing, requiring clarity of judgement, discipline, abstention, and often withdrawal from aspects of society. Another extreme.

But its easy...

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Are you Preaching to the Choir?

During my meditation this morning, I was asking about ways to be more seen, heard, understood. I was shown an image of preaching to the choir.

Normally, when we use this phrase, we mean that we are making a statement that those around us that already agree. That we won't change minds, or have an effect. But I feel that there is a deeper understanding that could be of use for you now.

Truth is truth. Often, when we express ourselves, there are strands of truth in what we say, to a greater or lesser degree. And sometimes we are expressing ideas in ways that another person isn't able to fully receive, simply because of our language, tone, approach, or mixed messages.

When we talk about tribe, belonging, or resonance, we are looking for those around us who can feel that there is an alignment, but sometimes not all is heard or received.

So we need to learn to speak in other languages, other vibrations, to fully touch Truth on many levels. The more we try to narrow or push, the...

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Are you seeking a Map or following your Compass?

When I 'tuned in' to decide what to share with you this week, I received a question: 'What is on the table?'

This question fits in with so many conversations I've had lately, so it feels like perfect timing to explore. The idea around this question, 'What is on the table', involves taking a look at what is already before you, because it is what you previously manifested.

At this moment, there are people feasting because they spent time creating, planning, working, prospecting. They are feeling nourished by their choices and actions, and are 'fed' by the results.

Many of us are feeling hungry, because the fruits of what we previously created are either no longer producing, or are no longer satisfying.

Sometimes, we can find it difficult to know when to 'be patient', when to act, when to initiate change. For those of us going hungry, feeling undernourished, the time is now!

Here is the interesting bit: If you are doing what has worked before and it is no longer...

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Are you swinging between polarities, or have you found Resonance between?

Narrowing Polarities

Hello beautiful beings, I hope that you are navigating the polarities of life with grace!

I have spoken about polarities and spectrums of emotion, belief, and behaviour over the years, but I wanted to take some time to expand awareness...

The reality is that we are all operating within thousands+ of polarities. In some areas we will swing conservative, in some more liberal. In some areas of communication we will shut down, in others we will shout out! In fact, if you look at any patterns of behaviour or beliefs, you can recognise a spectrum where you tend to operate.

When you are more aligned, healthier, more 'healed', the polarities are much less extreme.  You don't really swing from one side to the other. We are much healthier in our beliefs and perspectives when we land in an area that feels resonate, where we understand what we really feel and value, and our responses are more consistent.

The areas where we tend to swing wide are where we are...

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Do your choices follow your mind or heart?

Hello human beings!  I hope that your year has started with love, grace, and joy!

With aspects of the world unravelling and time unfolding in new and often unexpected ways, I am continually reminded that we chose an interesting time to exist in this world!  Congratulations for your courage, you are here to help shape a new future.


We are currently held by a lot of Capricorn energy, which wants to support high ideals and standards, integrity and strength.  We want to build cathedrals, inspiring works of art, what is holy and divine.  With Capricorn, we want to build beauty, for now and the future.  We dream bigger, bolder, but grounded in what will be of service, and have a lasting impact for good.

And with a full moon in watery Cancer, we connect more consciously with emotion and intuition, and it quickly becomes clear where our dreams match with our current state of being, and where they do not.


As human beings, we can have...

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