What are you choosing that erodes your Confidence?

Hello beautiful beings, I hope that this week you feel that you have more space to breathe!  We progressed into Autumn and into Libra Season, where our fixed judgements can be set aside, to breathe new life into fresh ideas and paradigms!  I am so excited to witness what will unfold! 


As I feel into the energy of October, there is a pull inward and then outward, like breathing.  In the northern hemisphere, we are moving into longer nights, less time with the sun.  One of the benefits is that we are called into home, and into ourselves, with more time to examine the outer world that you have been living in, and the ways it resonates with the inner realm...

The 'outer world' is created by the ways we relate and perceive.  Our relationships with our friends, family, work/life balance, money, movement, time all reflect the relationship we have with ourselves.  And so if the outer paradigm is not what you would wish for, now is the time to turn within, to reflect on what is not working, what you can leave behind, and what can evolve.


Over the past few weeks, within sessions and classes, the issues of low confidence and self-esteem have been highlighted again and again.  Both are built through action and interaction, through developing skills and virtues, and clear expression of deeper truth.  They are not passively made or cultivated, they are not created in the void. So for those of us who have been hiding away, refusing to interact, opting out of speaking up, our confidence can feel that it is failing.  But self-esteem develops by committing estimable/esteemable acts, from choosing to commit, to show up, to be open, and take a risk.  Take some time this week to feel into the health of your confidence, and ask yourself what you can do that can build more.


For now, you can ask yourself the following:

* What are my greatest strengths, and how can I apply them in my connections, relationships, daily life?

* What can I do today that I can be proud of (in a grounded, loving, compassionate way)?

* If I didn't give attention/importance to the voice of doubt within me, what would I do with more energy, excitement, willingness?

* How have I allowed my confidence to erode, and what can I do differently, to allow it to build again?



As you breathe into the fear and doubt, you give life and healing to what you want to nurture.  As you breath out, you send the energy of confidence, understanding, and creation into your path, your present and future.  Keep breathing and meditating, and choosing acts that build you up, releasing the choices that break you down.

Your most estimable acts will connect you more deeply with yourself, your Dharma, and with where you belong.



 **We'll invite harmony and rhythm to manifest with the Libra New Moon on the 6th of October, the boundaries of what is possible are already beginning to shift!

**I will be teaching 2 epic Theta Healing courses in October and November, supporting you to heal the inner relationships to create a more aligned and meaningful existence.


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