Can you nurture tomorrow by Being the Elder today?

Hello beautiful beings, I hope that you are moving through January with grace and integrity! We are deep within Capricorn Season, which is bringing our focus to Time and the way that wisdom and understanding is carried through it.

Let's take a moment to move ourselves into the Capricorn Archetype. Imagine yourself standing on a mountain, that you have dedicated yourself to climbing, to understanding the terrain, planning your course, and mastering the ascent. It has take time and effort, discipline to continue ahead, a faith that it will benefit yourself and others.

Now see yourself at the top, gazing out at the view, with the ability to see for miles. You can see where others are in their own journeys. You can recognise what you have overcome and learned along the way. You can feel the connection to that focus and dedication, and how it has shaped you over the years.

You have gone through the initiations, and are a more awakened and aware being. From this higher perspective, you have clarity on the past and the cause and effect of your choices, and you can see where this path will lead you. You are aligned, upright, strong, an embodiment of dignity and grace.

None of these come to you without the journey, and the journey does not begin without the courage to face your fears, and move beyond your comfort zone. And without the journey, there is no growth, no evolution, no healing, no resolution, no story to tell, no wisdom to share.


As we mature and evolve as individuals, we begin to focus on time, on bringing wisdom from the past, so that it can be offered to the present and future. If we are unwilling to face our fears and awaken our gifts, there is little to share with the collective, to support its evolution. Many of us are working so hard to 'save the world', when all that is needed is for us to find the courage to live a life that shines a light on what is good, within us, and within the world around us.


As we moved towards Elderhood, stepping into the roles of the Grandmother/Grandfather, the Wise Leader, we are required to deepen. And the beauty of this is that we already know how. This wisdom resides within us, our DNA, our blood, the land. Everything we need to take the next step, to lead from within, to be a shining light is within our cells, and our connection with those that have come before us.

What would help you remember this, and embody it?


A few things to meditate on over the next few weeks:

  • What can I learn from my lifelong journey that has felt confusing or difficult to accept, up to this point?
  • What knowledge or experience am I struggling to understand? What wisdom could I be sharing with those around me, through my words, actions, choices?
  • How would my Ancestors move through this point of my life? What do they understand that could guide me as I take my next step?
  • Am I showing up as a Great Ancestor right now? Am I helping to heal the lineage, or repeating and recycling the suffering?
  • What do I need to remember or understand to express my greatest gifts and virtues?


We are holding our first Monthly Congregation event in Edinburgh this weekend, with a focus on all that I have written about here. For those of us really wanting to have an impact on the world, to make it a better place now, and for the future, my hope is that we will remember the goodness that has been expressed before us, and then continue to amplify this for all. If you are able to join us on Sunday, please do, we are going to remember great things.

Feel free to hit 'reply' and share what this brings up for you. I would love to witness your musings, questions, and epiphanies!

-Jennifer <3

P.S FINAL CALL for anyone wanting to join the Winter ReMembering Collective. Our live calls begin on Wednesday!


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