What is stopping you from living your Purpose?

Uncategorized Apr 05, 2024

As we approach the second eclipse of the season, I wanted to share what is happening energetically, to bring some awareness, and help you to harness the power and potential of this portal. The themes at play focus on the Sun (deeper Soul identity, who you really are), the Moon (releasing old emotional baggage about your humanity and human experience), Chiron (your deepest, most defining wounds), all meeting in Aries (the purist aspects of You, pre-ego and conditioning, that remembers and understands your purpose in this lifetime). So what does this mean for you?

In short, some of our karmic, cycling wounds are showing up in a big way, so that we can definitively heal the pain, gain the wisdom, and apply it to living our Purpose.

Yes, this could be a pivotal point in your life. Yes, you can change your trajectory. Yes, you can step into a new paradigm.

When I talk about the Chiron Wounds, I am referring to the patterns and reactions that play out over and over again. And these have shaped your life, your identity, your perspective of the world. They are not random, they are meant to teach you. They are meant to awaken you.

One of my Chiron Wounds has revolved around my sensitivities and intuitive abilities. When I did not understand my empathic senses, when I felt overwhelmed by the world around me, I felt wounded by whatever I connected with. I felt out of place, strange, on the outside looking in.

As I began to understand and develop my intuitive senses, I realised (and then celebrated) that these aspects are what help me most in embodying my Dharma as a healer and leader. My ability to feel the energy of a room, to see the stories running through the genetic lines, to hear the music of the body, have all supported my Purpose in this lifetime. And now that I more deeply understand, I have stopped fighting myself, and accepted the gifts that I have.

The pain and suffering lead me to my healing path, and to using the gifts within me.

So it is worth taking the time to identify the recurring wounds, and the wisdom they bring. These gifts aren't meant to make you suffer. You only suffer when you reject them.


Take some time this weekend to meditate on the following:

  • Which feelings/emotions continue to trigger within me? Which memories are the associated with? What is the story that I tell myself?
  • When I look back at my life, which stories or scenarios repeat again and again? Which role am I playing in those stories?
  • If I was to release the pain within those memories, how could that story shift from me being a victim, to me being a hero, goddess, king or queen, the sage, the innocent, or another more empowered role?
  • What would happen if I stopped fighting against myself? What would evolve or change if I accepted the gifts within me? 

Remember that we all arrive to this plane with purposes, and with gifts that help us to live them. If we fight our gifts, we deny the aspects of ourselves that are most honest, most true. Could you surrender the wounds, to claim the wisdom and understanding at the heart of them?

Feel free to hit 'reply' and share what this brings up for you. I would love to witness your musings, questions, and epiphanies!

-Jennifer <3

P.S.  I hope to connect with you during the eclipse on Monday, 8 April to heal the wounds and align with Purpose!

AND we will expand on many of these themes and more at this month's Congregation in Edinburgh, you are welcome to join us!


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